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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


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Just Say'n

This kind of stuff is why I still have eternal faith in Philip he understands virtual worlds are more then marketplaces & dress up dolly.

Creative expressive tools of as many kind imaginable is what will lay the foundation for the next generation world in a few years.

I will rent a big amazon server creating a massive world in high fidelity once they get once they get a good permissions system in place later this year.

lock-ins are so last decade, just look at Linux even Microsoft is a major contributor to it now after years of trying to fight it.

Wonder what sounds impressive?
Ebbe says Wordpress of the VR worlds.
Adam from Space says 30% of your profits is a good number.
Philip says yesterday we created a new nation, tomorrow we create a new world.


yes is true Philip is a very good sales man :)

Just Say'n

"yes is true Philip is a very good sales man :)"

Every forward thinker must be willing to explain to people why and for what reason they have introduced is something that can enhance their lives.

Have you even tried High Fidelity? .. it is the only platform not locking you into something, open source while developed in total transparency.

When they introduce the crypto-currency & crypto-content aka permission system.. it will see a very large amount of people giving it a real chance.

Randy Hinrichs

We're taking High Fidelity to our Immersion class at the University of Washington. High Fidelity is a clear front-runner, and learning it will prepare you simultaneously for Virtual Worlds and Virtual Reality. Start in VW so you can understand the principles of Avatar Psychology and Virtual Environments with economies and intellectual property built in.

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