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Thursday, July 06, 2017


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Just Say'n

realXtend has been more advanced then Sansar for about 5 years so it does not matter how advanced they make Sansar if VR has flopped then it will too.

You noticed Philip has slowed the hype train down since VR has tanked and is likely looking for a new angle to move forward with after the promises of everyone walking around with scuba gear on the face never panned out.

Dartagan Shepherd

Linden Lab lying about their product is nothing new. Their corporate page also used to say they were the creators of the first virtual world, which was nowhere near true, either.


Because the USA has a 'liar-in-chief', corporate monkeys like Ebbe and LL feel lying is 'okay'.

Welcome to SecondLie.

Carlos Loff

Lying market does work, consumer zombies do bite the bate, look at Trump, he is running the Nukes

Carlos Loff

It panned out beautifully, they just wanted to coin at the expenses of consumer zombies, they are quite happy withtheirnew mansions, cars and pools, they knew it was a hype, took the wave and now on to something else, yes it panned out, exactly what they expected it to be, coins coins coinssss

Willow Dion

LL lying oh my gosh how unusual. Draxtor hyping Sansar This is why I don't trust anything he says anymore. It is a beautiful video but Ho Hum who cares about Sansar.

jjccc coronet

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sbSwHxhfSM Sansar Update


I'm sorry but if what this Ria created is the best of Sansar, I'm definitely not interested.

Walking around 3 rooms? Yawn. We've been doing that for years in SL - on our own land, in our own homes.

Music? Already got that in SL.

3D camera view? Got that in SL.

Oh, I see - we have to wear hyper-expensive scuba gear on our heads to see it all? Uh, no thanks.

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