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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


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This is all predictive programming.

A VR life will not benefit you or me or any other little Joe or Jane. It WILL benefit the elites. They are systematically destroying healthy societal structures so that we can be isolated like hutch rabbits and subject to any cull they would like inflict on us. Eventually we will be forced to wear implants of all kinds. Why?

Because there is no AI. It will never exist. Not unless they harness a free willed human being to the system. That is when they will have "thinking robots". I'm sure there will be small print on the implants stating we give up all rights as real human beings.

VR is a non-starter. SL already shows that the majority of users in VR will not become unhealthily attached to games nor will they stop life to partake in them. It also shows that we will be independent despite socially engineered ideas and ploys piled on top of us. All of these new "worlds" being released are all set with one focus, to take away our independence, to collectivize.

Amanda Dallin

This is like a PDA in the late 90s. They existed but didn't catch on for another decade when they were married to wireless phones. We're closer to the equivalent of the Apple Newton or Compaq Aero than even the Palm Treo's much less the Apple iPhone. VR by itself won't go anywhere. It needs something to work with like PDAs needed wireless phones. What's that going to be is the question.

Grid Famous Games

VR will be more widespread when it has been around long enough for poor boys from the stacks can afford 2nd hand units.


whats most needed to accompany the current sight and sound caps is the ability to apply pressure and feel it

Clara Seller

We don't need headsets or sophisticated computers to access a fake world anymore. We get out of bed and turn on the TV or check the daily news and we are there already. Even this concept of VR with with all of it's fictional overstuffed characters like Luckey, Zuckerberg, Spielberg, and our little hometown Sansar, is a big ole pile of artificially animated failure begging for us to reimburse the losses. That's really the next big thing... we pay their tab.

The interests of huge money and profit have made our little lives a murky swamp of fiction and propaganda that have left us desperately dog-paddling through existence to get to some tiny floating pocket of truth that might tell us where we actually are. You look around at friends and family dipping their mugs into this toilet and drinking it up like it's just another day.

VR isn't the wave of the future. It's already here. The wave of the future is truth and it's going to cost us everything we believe is real.

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