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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


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sirhc deSantis

I was curious after the last post covering this so took a look at that list you linked to and watched the demos that came with them. All the political, ideology and societal questions aside (and Anoia knows there are a few..) the boy lucie may have a point.
The content all looked a bit - naff. 'Superhot' reminded me gameplay wise of something I used to play 20 years ago where the swarming blobs were green in a Doomesque setting only on the mac. A fair few demos - fine, nothing wrong with that. A lot of 'this is an alpha release and..' including '..we will be raising prices as more content magically appears..' and the trek crew one ('hello look we can wave at each other and press buttons') although that might be me and 'social' stuff. Even some of the vids had long patches where nothing happened - in FPS mode:) In night vision:)
The one I did like was Gorn just because the real life living room carnage was how I could see my gaff looking only even more clumsily. The blobby cartoon gore (complete with nsfw warning haha) was just that. Meh.
Very early days I agree and reminded me of PC games arriving via a CD on the front cover of various mags, where you waded through a dozen bits of rubbish in hope of a gem.
A question - is the disembodied hands and waving sticks of light around actually meant to be a plus point here?

Carlos Loff

If you ask a wine sailsman what he thinks about the importance of wine in the future, would you need much imagination about what His opinion will be ? Specially one sailsman that just publicaly made a fortune on His last sale to a major market player ???

Flashing Merlin

Interesting that "Ready Player One" also assumes VR is inevitable.
If we skeptics are correct, by 2045 that idea will seem quaint.

Sort of like "2001" assuming everyone would use video phones in the future. What "2001" didn't predict, was that everyone would carry video phones in their pocket, but mostly use them to send text messages.

By analogy, in 2045 VR might be miniaturized to the size of contact lenses, but everyone will mostly use it to watch old 3D movies.

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