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Friday, July 07, 2017


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only experience so far is "Visit Experience failed because the world failed to load", unfortunately. that and the server failures yesterday. I so wanna get in this and figure it out too.....


"and whether the sign-up section asking for FULL NAME is for their avatar or for their actual name"
It's your actual name, you get to pick a crazy name just after that screen :) this is what my friend told me anyway.
Of course no one should be mentioning anything about Sansar, because apparently you are still asked to tick a box stating you are prepared to be financially crippled if you so much as mention a smidgen about anything you see, or so my friend said.
That's maybe why it's a bit quiet here.
But luckily my friend told me some things, so I can tell what she told me, and this is what she said
There were 2 dreadful looking Avatars, 4 nondescript outfits to choose from, a super sparse amateur looking customization screen with so few face change options you still look pretty much the same no matter how far you push the sliders( Black Desert this is not!)
No body sliders at all :(
Loading times are seriously Lo.........................ng, and I mean LONG, did I mention they are LONG, or so my friend said.
And many times my friend crashed before reaching the desired destination, this after waiting the afore mentioned LONG times.
And this on a top range desktop PC no less!
There was of course no one else around in any of the locations visited, or so I was told, just a few physics objects to aimlessly kick around or pick up and drop. You know, the kind of thing that is supposed to makes Vr users swoon.
Sure, some of the places were very very pretty, some creators have put a whole lot of effort into this place, she told me.
But to what purpose I asked.
But have no doubt, she said, this is VR headset land, as we have been warned.
Take away the headset and you are left with a dodgy SL clone, with a mild graphic upgrade and a massive degradation in Avatar looks and customization options, or so I was told.
But of course as we have all been told millions of times this is not SL2!
So just what is it then?
No Flying, no running or any apparent ability to move any faster than a snail through thick grease, which I am told gets very boring, very fast.
Dreadful zombie like avatar animations and weird springy cameras that wanted to look anywhere else but forward. I smell motion sickness.
Asked if she had seen anything remotely like it before, she muttered words that sounded like "Blue Mars"
And it sent a cold shiver down my spine, as I remembered endless days wandering alone in pretty wastelands..
Well, that's some things this friend of mine said.
I don't know because I have not been there, and I imagine it really cannot be that bad, and probably is a fantastic Virtual world run by one of the best user support teams in the business. A place where one is likely to become lost and never want to leave.
A place where one can meet thousands of other people, all wandering around aimlessly looking for something to do, who were all most likely just on holiday the day my friend visited.
Anyway, I was told that it is still just a trial version, so making comments about it is just plain silly, because obviously in a few more years, we don't want to rush things, with a bit of tweaking here and there, it will be just amazing!
Anyway, my friend spent an hour there, slooooooowly creeping around, crashing and staring at the never ending loading screen. Then she closed it down, uninstalled the viewer and went back to all here amazing looking avatar friends in SL, who, as luck would have it, were engaged in the usual Friday mass Lesbian orgy, good old SL ;)


As i cant say anything about Sansar. But i can say something about Second life. To all avatars in Second life. You have absolutly nothing to worry about.

jjccc coronet

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sbSwHxhfSM Sansar Update

Takara Pikajuna

Received my invitation today - and yep - there is an NDA.

Sorry. :-)


I got an invite but it is true... I wodner if it is phishing mail. It came from a em.sansar.com email adress and is linked to a similar domain. Is this legit ?

Alexandria Brangwin

I didn't sign up for the longest time due to prohibitive language on the signup and the public perception that it's only for VR content creators...then my SL partner gets in who is most definitely not a creator...for what appears to be random chance.
So now we have a whole bunch of tourists complaining about lack of content while creators like me wait, unable to do a thing to help.
SO mad at this!!!
Creator Preview was most definitely mishandled!

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