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Friday, July 14, 2017


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metacam oh

the Lab thinks too much.

Chic Aeon

While I DID read the TOU and didn't enter Sansar, jjccc posted this on the SL Forums yesterday:

"After installing Sansar for what seemed an eternity you get to log in and you have to agree to the TOS but its a NDA (None Disclosure Agreement) which no one ever reads because its so long. Anyway i went into Sansar had a look around and started filming, as you do."

READ THE TOS PEOPLE!!!! It was EXTREMELY clear in the creator preview TOU that a NDA was in affect (note I had no issues at all with that part of the document). I can't help but thing it was also very clear IF one bothered to read.

So IMHO The Lab was completely in their rights in this instance. Be careful what you sign as it can come back to haunt you.


Making me laugh so Brazilians are now issuing NDA's for the new grid, I guess they haven't finished copying the content yet, hope they finish soon so beta can start.


The welcome email, before create an account and login to Sansar, say:

"You’ll get early access to Sansar and lots of information that we’re not yet ready to share with everyone. You will be asked to agree to an NDA, and as a Creator Preview participant, you’ll need to keep everything secret - i.e. no tweeting screenshots, sharing videos, etc. from Sansar."

At least read emails...


LOL, I'm surprise they didn't slap me for just talking about Sansar.


It just shows you that LL has 'lawyered up' to protect their (oops, I mean your) creations.

Phase I complete.


Legions of freaks and geeks have combatted Microsoft monopoly since decades, it's 1st semester Micro-Economics to bust the backs of monopolists.

That happens all over, everywhere, all the time, so don't piss your pants about having Second Life competition.... (wow wow wow SL competition and benchmarking).

It's about Consumer Satisfaction and not about Platform Satisfaction... Open your eyeballs, exactly that has been going wrong since years.

Linden Lab needs a 50% drop in users within 4 weeks, just like Yahoo had... then things change fast.

Consumers and their use cases have the power, not the tool.

You are on the wrong side of things... falling on your knees in front of a Tool and disregarding Client Use Cases is THE major gap and failure in this market.

Linden Lab needs a 50% drop in users within 4 weeks, just like Yahoo had... then things change. That's what SL Bar Association reported last year..

Han Held

The cat's out of the bag, pretty much. Those of us who've thought it was simply Blue Mars Part Deux have been vindicated in our belief.

El Pentelho

After a release date postponed over and over

Linden Lab it's failing short on their own words and promisses

However on NDA's and TO's they bring the heavy guns and grab your digital rights (or Do Not Enter)
something very wrong seems to have a company shift from user centric to TOS and Legal dept centric.

People just don't read. But you should try to decode TOS and NDA's and check all that your waiving!


Well lets hope that means they realize it truly isn't ready for consumer release yet so they want to suppress any negative press until they feel they're ready.

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