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Thursday, July 27, 2017


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Just Say'n

"Could this potentially be used for importing unauthorized mesh from SL to Sansar?"

Why?, when the internet has millions of Creative Commons licensed mesh models with 100,000's ready to load right into Spamsar, anything that will load into High Fidelity will load into Spamsar as well.

We need an easy app that we can install on our desktop where you drop in a folder with a SL ready Mesh Model with textures then it creates a Spamsar Folder ready to go..Sorta like Autodesk FBX Converter x64 2013.


Why this is surprising? Sorry but enough normal. Ane wow you can import in High Fidelity also! Magic :)


Yes it can and has already happened.

Han Held

This isn't strictly 100% the case, but for everything I make I generally tend to make it so that I can copy it back and forth between SL and opensim. I'm not enthused about rebuilding anything just for Sansar. I'm not sure about hifi;I know it supports FBX, and in theory I can export as DAE and then convert to FBX. I'm not sure what other steps I'd need to take as well.

Of course, as a filthy casual and non-enterprise kinda person I'm not Sansar's target demographic anyway; so the point is rather moot.

sirhc deSantis

Insanely powerful amazing tool has ability to export in many formats shock horror :)

Seriously .... more interesting is that the collision model used was the base mesh. Would be a potential killer in SL. And as for the ripped part.. how the hell do you think it would be done when it was in a different format from .dae in the first place?

(caveat mostly response from someone who knows more, with the swearing removed)

 Just Say'n

AltspaceVR Will Close Its Virtual Doors On August 3 so less competition in the massively growing VR Market for Sansar

Patchouli Woollahra


I need to advise that the Official SL viewer distro and many Third Party Viewers have the capability to export mesh (including that produced by the simple concatenation of legacy-style parametric prims into linksets) out of Second Life, but this is subject to some very stringent gentlemen coders' rules:

  1. all mesh involved must be originally created by the resident in question (i.e. only the originator of the mesh can export the mesh out)
  2. The export process will generally strip out all prim names in favor of a generic "prim(xxx)" naming convention to dodge potential issues with external supporting mesh editors. All parts are placed in a flat hierarchy similar to how SL manages linksets. Expect some headaches working out what each name means during import if you plan to work any further on the object outside of SL.
  3. all textures that have been applied to the mesh MUST be full-perms in order to be properly exported. It doesn't necessarily have to be created/owned by the person doing the export though. This is probably done as a sop to the time-honored tradition of texturing less critical portions of SL objects using generics (as opposed to texture files specifically mapped for a specific UV space
  4. There is theoretically nothing in the code that makes exporting every part of an SL object impossible, since everything except the scripts and declared collision meshes in an object have to be downloaded in order to be rendered for display. Viewer developers are, however, aware that the price of allowing code without these agreed-upon filters in place is potentially their continued presence (the viewer and the development team's SL accounts) on Second Life. As you can imagine, most Residents engaged in TPV development are very keen on not disengaging from Second Life except on their own terms - strong enough incentive to behave and enforce these rules in the export code for most TPV developers.
  5. The resulting mesh is preview-quality at best. You know how the final build might look like once it's somewhere else, but I will bet you ellz to Elephants that any collision mesh based on interpolation from the visual mesh will 90%+ of the time be a guaranteed nightmare for the physics of the environment it arrives in. As always: when in doubt, read the ground rules on physics handling in whatever VW or environment you choose to export your original SL creation over to, and create a collision mesh that fits these rules while playing light with its physics handling.

Otherwise, have fun with this tool!


Harley Schylo aka littleharley resident does not even use a VR Headset like all can see...

What kind of "expert" is this?

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