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Monday, July 17, 2017


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Adeon Writer

those are some really nice custom windlight settings! I wish it wasn't on the visitor to set them up and make the areas that look nice. The average Joe visiting those areas won't see them like that though ...

Just Say'n

where do's one find the script when you enter a region or parcel it asks you if you would press the popup button to change your windlight settings? checked the marketplace but never was able to find one.


Honestly, I think the windlights are the least concerning thing about that video. Anyone else notice they used clips from SL13 rather than SL14? How about the fact that if they're attempting to sell "Fresh, new, up to date" then perhaps they should have used ALL mesh avi's, no system avi's in that video. I also hate the fact that videos don't record live voice. Still too many people assume that there isn't live voice in SL when they first come in. It adds a dynamic to the SL experience that allows people to connect on a much more real basis. But not only live voice but live performers! There are some really talented individuals out there. (Ok, there are SO many who aren't talented that clog up the airwaves but still).
A more modern video with live performances, up to date mesh avatars, an up to date event...etc. That would sell the "RELEVANCY" of SL.
Yeah, that might have helped.

A simple Lord

I have been in several virtual worlds, I have stayed in them a couple of years and I abandon them, but with SL the story has been different. We all know what there is in SL, yes we look at the marketplace (yes... there is a lot of "garbage", although sometimes that junk makes us smile and surprise us with the simplicity of how things were in SL and at the same time, makes us see how much has changed SL), The truth is there is an inventory of unimaginable objects and there is no other metaverse that is not able even come close to that. If we talk about places, it is incredible what we can find, from large regions to everything (airports, ports, hospitals, urban areas of all kinds, beaches of all kinds, nudist fields, sports, tracks, gardens from the simplest to Some worthy of any European palace, from the top and high class places to the most dark and lugubrious, anything can happen in SL) really... it is a digital world. Over time I have accumulated a lot of objects that have shaped it and have enriched my experience of "life" in SL. If SL ceased to exist, I do not know what I would dedicate the time I spend in it, because I will not go to another metaverse, I already have 6 years in SL and I want to be more. Long life to Second Life.

Use Vulkan Please

Please show them the bill for the hardware that is going to run all of that as well- and still lag. Please IF ANYONE AT SL IS READING THIS: PLEASE ROLL THE FREE OPENSOURCE VULKAN API INTO THE VIEWERS NOW! It would make so much difference in rendering even on lesser hardware. OpenGL and Vulkan are made by the same people . and its royalty free and cross platform.

Just Say'n

@ Use Vulkan Please

That would make too much sense and the engine powering the graphics & rendering already needs a big overhaul including Havok Physics needing to be updated.

Unfortunately all available money including the salary of 100 people switched from working on second life to sansar a few years back means only a skeleton crew is able to fix things.

As of right now no matter what CPU/GPU combo you have, the engine only will use 1 CPU core MAX!
The engine was designed for low powered home PC over a decade ago.

It would take big changes both server & client side with a huge test group to ensure as much as possible would be spared from being broken.

It would also mean hiring a rendering specialist & game engine frameworks engineer both are very rare even in the bigger game world with the rendering specialist having to be one of the best with only a handful of people in the world actually understanding how the one linden lab has works & how to update it. the lindens who built it near a decade & a half ago were fired eons ago. It's not a off the shelf game engine like unity.

It would mean hiring a few people costing the lab several million dollars including licensees for new technology, unfortunately.. we may never see that as linden lab has millions of dollars going into Sansar to become the Wordpress of VR Worlds to make customers out of the hundreds of millions of daily VR Headset users.

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