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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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Why shoot walking when you are using animations not timed for the feet?

Hasn't anyone made mechinima walk animations? I mean, you just make it static, simple walk forward even? I mean, you trigger the anim and it walks forward in space, you can do this for at least a meter or so (I have seen this done) and then the animator is in charge of the avatars movement. Of course you lose physical bumping, because you collision skeleton et al is left behind.

Seriously, funny stuff. 1000's of mechinima's later and no one has seen how silly the sliding skating avatars are? And don't say it was for comedic effect, it could be way silly with such freedom. Lazy either way, so I am right or I am right.

Estelle P

@nameheregoesinthebox: link to a machinima where you have done it better or shut up.


The world needs more ways to play at being part of a violent SAWT team, with realistic weapons too.


The criticisms of the walking animation are valid and just a bit of the larger issue - SL is old prototype tech and it shows. SL machinima is only ever impressive to fellow SLers because we understand how difficult it is to make something even to this underwhelming level. But make no mistake, AAA games were making more impressive scenes 10 years ago

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