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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


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I think such observations will be more interesting when Sansar has an open beta for the general public instead of just creators.


It's cute how the "reporter" of this blog tries to accommodate all sides so he can continue making money.

Otherwise it's quite amateurish to compare Sansar's large PR efforts to HF's non-existent PR efforts of the month.

Penguin Palou

Though LL has called it a creator beta, most of the people I know who have checked out Sansar aren't creators. This one wasn't by invitation; anyone can sign up to try it.


Anyone can sign up, yeah, which is why it's called open, but it's still aimed at and intended for creators. Space is in an open 'developers' beta and anyone can sign up, and has been for a year or two longer than Sansar, but it still wouldn't make much sense to compare a general release like SL to it just yet.

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