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Thursday, August 31, 2017


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Well, if you are talking about true, hardcore libertarians, we, as well as Rand, only believe gold and silver is money, as the U.S. constitution also implies. Yeah, there are many libertarians that bought into the bitcoin craze, but those are mostly the libertarian youth that think they can perform digital alchemy, coined by Peter Schiff. Peter was also recently on the Joe Rogan Experience where Peter talked about GoldMoney. It makes gold digital, and able to trade using a normal debit card. Gold and silver is real money, and every good libertarian knows it.

Han Held

...and no true scotsman er, objectivist, er libertarian yeah that's it ...would ever get behind bitcoin because reasons...

*cough*bullshit*cough* anyone got a lozenge?


@Han - There are different categories of libertarians. For instance, I'm an Anarcho-Capitalist libertarian. Really, I was pointing out Hamlet's wrong assertion that bitcoin is a libertarian's dream. It's not. Gold is. It might be true the many libertarians talk about bitcoin, but that is because libertarians have more of an understanding of money than most other groups. We talk about money more, gold more, silver more, and bitcoin more than any other groups. If you need reasons to not get behind bitcoin, just compare it to gold. Bitcoin bugs think they have created digital gold, but what makes bitcoin any better than any other cryto-currency. None of them have any real value. Today they are $600 or whatever, but tomorrow they could be ZERO. Gold, real money, can't ever go to ZERO. The value of gold has essentially remained stable for thousands of years. Bitcoin, has never been stable.

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