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Tuesday, August 08, 2017


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Maxwell Graf

are you baking the GI? If so, what setting - basic, standard or best? That will actually produce a better effect by far.

In the scene settings is where you are able to specify/turn it on, off. Then save & publish. During publish you will see "calculating global illumination" as part of the process.

Additionally, you can use an HDR map, convert to exr and upload that for your skybox - it will keep the HDR tonal qualities for the GI bake

Carl Fravel

Hi, Brookston, thanks for sharing your experiences.
I see many experiences in the Sansar Atlas that suggest that the 'look' can be stunningly beautiful once one gets the hang of setting up materials, lighting, and the baking settings well. Hang in there. You've hit the nail on the head: this is still "Creator Beta", focused on a time for creators to make a bunch of engaging experiences and content, and, by implication, to both learn how to do that, and to help Sansar prioritize their improvements. There are hundreds, probably more than 500 now, experiences in the Atlas. Many of them are very well done. I would also be curious what the GPU is in your PC, whether it is below, at, or above the recommended capability. It makes a lot of difference to be GTX 1060 or above. Also, there is a lot of emerging documentation now, both in the sansar help area and even a book on the Kindle store by . Have fun, be in touch.

Ethos Erlanger

I am one who is in favor of the "Slow Walk" that Sansar has achieved. It is realistic. And I am all in favor of reality even when it is Virtual. If you were in a model of your own home in Sansar, and walked from the front door to the back door in 2 seconds like we see in SL, you would be out the back door before you had time to grab a cookie from the kitchen.

Slow down and smell the roses.

Carl Fravel

Oh, for some more eye candy, in addition to the Atlas pictures and a free visit to Sansar experiences, there is now this Flickr group, Sansarian Delight, at https://www.flickr.com/groups/3583894@N21/


Brookston Holiday, i think the problem is "building in SL for 12 years" and not using a true software? Sansar is bit more complex than SL about textures and lights, but you can find many infos about in help pages and forums. In Sansar, you have many shaders to map, and they are not so simple to understand.
Some hints: https://help.sansar.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003259646-Materials-editing-and-shaders

And read the forum, many info about how use different software.
Then, joke a bit with GI, as Maxwell suggested.

But you have a shop caller Pro.Materials, so i think you already know all this things?

ps: in Help page, you can read about PBR: Sansar uses a custom physically based renderer (PBR) and doesn't use specular maps. However, Sansar does use roughness and metalness maps to define the specular highlights of an object.

Read this fucking manual :)

Ciaran Laval

The slow walking is due to trying to optimise the platform in VR, in testing LL have noticed that fast moving avatars look really weird in VR mode, but they are working on the issue.


Brookston Holiday

@Ciaran That's a really good point I hadn't thought about or read that article.

@Bufje I believe I set up the materials correctly, using the normal, rough, and metal channels.

@Maxwell I didn't bother with the GI as I just wanted to test the pbr shader. As I understand it, the GI bake will add indirect lighting info into the albedo. I'm sure it looks cool, but doesn't make the pbr reflections more realistic looking. As a side note, I and many other builders have been pre-baking GI onto our builds within Second Life for many years. The great benefit of Sansar having it be baked at the experience level, is that the same assets can be used in different lighting situations.


What a luxury it must be to be able to dissolve all criticism by simply pointing out that you have not finished yet. “take it easy man, it might take years for us to reach our stated product goal”
Sansar cannot be criticised, it is bullet proof. Of course most other “professional” products at least attempt to make their initial offering resemble in some way what they hope to achieve. LL have had many, many years experience of the acceptance of their peculiar approach customer satisfaction in SL. There is an advert in England related to various paint and wood stain products, the slogan is “it does what is says on the can!” Is this not what any customer might expect of any product released as professionally produced. All I hear about Sansar are hopes for what might be when finally it reaches it's ultimate goal. Let us then hope that the currant LL are not anything like the LL that ran SL.

Alessandro Cintoli

Sansar open beta is Windows only. Which leads me to believe that either it will never be on the Mac or it will be a port. No thanks.

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