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Tuesday, August 08, 2017


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Just Say'n

I wish the people in Opensim could somehow get their shit together with a all-in-one website, get non-profit status,funding for developers & a leader to push a Roadmap/Project Direction. because it could be like secondlife but better, if they tried harder.

Someone needs to stand up over there taking control before it's too late.

Adeon Writer @ OSgrid

Sansar & Space both look like cheap knockoffs of VRCHAT who just happens to have some really cool things n peeps https://twitter.com/VRChatNet

Han Held

Self promotion? Don't mind if I do!

For the third year in a row we are holding Avatarfest, the user-focused (as opposed to hosting providers, educators or those out in the "enterprise" world), non-commercial festival, opening Sept 23rd and closing October 30th.

We're accepting applications until August 15th for performers, volunteers and exhibitors until August 15th.

For more info, head over to avatarfest.net or join our G+ group at

Han Held

>We're accepting applications until August 15th for performers, volunteers and exhibitors until August 15th.

My kingdom for an edit post function! :p

Carlos Loff

Inspired in Star Citizen, No Man Sky and Dual Universe, Im building a huge Space Sim on the Opensim grid - Digiworldz - Im aplying all my SL buildiing experience since 2007 (Loff Auer) into an 36 Sims wide megaregion where you can free flight between Planets, Moons, Suns, Comets, Asteroid Fields and Space Stations and on each one you can land, explore and in some even colonize - There will be kind and rough places, dead and live ones, harsh and gentle, also possible to complete missions and get rewards and later on even have your own sim alien planet connected to my space wormholes system - Space Life - Joing our G+ community and bouldly goooo - https://plus.google.com/communities/111296479485167867721


Agree with Just Say'n. Self promote. Sure. I will do a new build at Avatarfest for the third year. Come over. Details above.

Servio Mammon

Self promotion:

I opened an art gallery in the foothills of the Dune Sea near the Little Mos Eisley Space Port on Tatooine (Aquilonia 25. 17, 38)

I'm seen here with my droid, Joy Boink.

I'm currently exhibiting posters created to advertise the graphic novel http://www.Rabinart.com.

These posters can still be seen on various walls around the SIM.

I play a small role in the novel as an art flipper.

If you're a Star Wars fan, but you haven't been to the SWRP SIM Little Mos Eisley, it's worth a look. Go to the Space Port first, and pick up a free SW costume, which is required dress in the SIM. (Skylar 232, 29, 29)

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