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Wednesday, August 02, 2017


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Clara Seller

A down-to-earth perspective from Rod Humble.

If only we had foresight, a few years ago, to come to this conclusion.

Well, come to think of it, many avid users of SL were saying this same kind of thing years ago. Yes, the basket of deplorables, throwaways, niche addicts, and credit card cattle might have actually had some insight into what human beings are willing to do for hours and hours on end. If only there was a way to connect with the little people. If only there were customers of a virtual world somewhere.

Well, at least now we know it's true because a CEO has spoken it. Does this mean that poor people will not be spending their future with headsets on while living in a virtual dream world that rich people live in for real? Are we already spinning our expectations a little lower than Facebook and WordPress for these new VR platforms? That was fast.

Carlos Loff

Arcades, that is what is starting to appear and they will thrive - If you are bothering to isolate and get reaaly immersed, than you better go big and jump into a whole walking, shaking moving VR Vehicle, not just a helmet - Fairgroundattractions - Arcades where you can run from Raptors at Jurassic Park or land in Saturn for an 2h mindblowing ecperience with your group of RL Friends - Like going to the movies - Witch, ironically will wakeup an side of life that VR is accused to kill - Leaving home and going out with friends, very ironic

Dartagan Shepherd

Some good points all around. Maybe we should switch back to Rod for a while for CEO. Ebbe seriously misjudged the VR trajectory and market, and blew loads of money on it, while what everyone REALLY wanted was an SL rewrite.

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