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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


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Gattz Gilman

If it's a non-rigged mesh once you model it and upload, you would adjust it in-world. And if you are rigging it using tools like Avastar, you have a pretty good sense of how it will fit on the avatar once it is uploaded.

Chic Aeon

That was actually a very well-made video and clear with good voice and lovely colors.

That being SAID however, it was clear that the person (as he stated) didn't really know how Blender worked all that well. I was smiling a lot and that's a good thing.

What it DOES very clearly point out (also in his own comments) is that folk grabbing things from on-line sights that really have no idea how to make game assets (or get the vertices down to SOME sort of reasonable count) are uploading things which should never have been used in that type of platform. Hence those 30 minute downloads.

That 90 degree thing was an issue in Cloud Party also which was designed for Maya. It was MUCH more difficult to get attachments on avatars there though (partly rigging - partly some intense work inworld afterwards). I certainly didn't know as much then though so it would likely have been easier if my skill level was higher then.

For most folks that work in 3D there would have been very few "pitfalls", just a few adjustments and we do that hourly everyday. In SL things would either be rigged or adjusted in world which takes time and skill also, so I don't see that this is any MORE difficult than working in Second Life, just different.

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