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Wednesday, August 02, 2017


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Ciaran Laval

We have been having discussions along these lines since Mesh came to Second Life, with people appreciating the choice of building tools that Second Life offers as they are inworld and external but worried that the more professional tools could lead to people dominating.

A big difference with TurboSquid is that they have a dim view of Second Life, so they don't have any such relationship.

Just Say'n

Turbosquid models are so expensive and mostly for rendering, I'd had hope they had planned on adding new features to sway me back for my own vanity projects but now..Disappointed

Looks like a good time if any for Philip Rosedale to announce some new breakthroughs with high fidelity right about now.


"it is utterly depressing to me how some very smart SLers seem to not understand the trajectory at all!"

Well done Drax. Condescending as ever.

Nobody Fugazi

Maybe drax can help us understand that trajectory.

Is it the one where spending a week, or more, of spare time on an art piece is profitable? Or the one where someone buys stuff from 3D sites so that people can look at it?

Tim King

For modeling tools, it's like any technology; adapting to new tools is par for the course if you want to compete in a market.

Given that Sansar and High Fidelity will allow options to import 3d models created by users, folks will adjust. At least, that was the word on High Fidelity from Mr. Rosedale. I assume the same goes for Sansar.

In world tools would of course be nice too, but I'm happy to create outside the viewer as well. Maya, 3D Max Autodesk, Blender, and other programs are pretty standard now for SL mesh creators. I don't see much of an issue here.

sirhc deSantis

Yes, ser Draxtor, if 'very smart SLers' don't get this trajectory thing, how about 'splainin it to this rather dense one. In written form so we can keep up - and quote of course. And more than 140 character bites otherwise we get confused.

Better the Ezra


Come on Tim "In world tools would of course be nice too, but I'm happy to create outside the viewer as well. Maya, 3D Max Autodesk, Blender, and other programs are pretty standard now for SL mesh creators. I don't see much of an issue here." yeah what says who? ..can you create a nice home from voxels in Sansar like Landmark? hell NO and landmark is going on 10 yrs old .

A few yrs back old horse lips Ebbe Linden made a crude swipe at High Fidelity in one of the early meetings saying it looked like 'Crap' going into Beta open to the public! and he was going to make sure Project Sansar was well polished .. Hows that irony coming along now E.Linden? it looks great for creation elitists while useful as a turd for the majority of the 'Credit Card Cattle', LOL ;)

Would love to hear JohnC and the Turkey Buzzards thoughts if your all reading this article ;)


90% turbosquid models are shite, you can't put pros and turbosquid in same sentence. Pros do care about optimizing their shit for particular need, and TS models are sketchy crap for rendered pictures, most are disjoined, without proper mapping, bloated with turbo smooth and shit like that. Theres a loads, i have to repeat, a LOADS of them even in SL, and people who care about lag free experience avoid using them at all costs. And now that Sansar is vr-oriented, the need for optimized content will be not just an option, but a complete necessity, and turbosquid is not your friend when it comes to that kind of thing.

Chic Aeon

My only thought -- and I haven't bothered to log in although my computer is passed the specs -- is that many to most of Turbosquid's models are WAY too heavy a mesh for a game engines. As someone else mentioned they are made for renders. So saying "you can buy and upload from Turbosquid" just enhances (for the worst) those many reports of 30 minute downloads to view the experiences.

I am pretty sure (again not there) that people COULD build low poly models that wouldn't take SO VERY LONG to see. But, typically, many people have no idea what they NEED for these kinds of platforms.

It is funny really. I made a colorful and VERY LOW LAG build for SL14B. It wasn't my first design but I decided to go for "let the people dance instead of crashing" idea. One of the Leads came up to me before the event opened and wanted to add their stuff to the build because it was "too plain" and when I mentioned LAG, she came back with "but people expect lag".

I stood by my guns with some support from the Powers That Be and my sims (a two sim complex) had the highest frames per second by leaps and bounds (a quote). Even with them full, people could move and dance and see things (minimal textures too).

So getting in bed with Turbosquid is way worse in my mind than letting "hobbyist" modelers loose. At least some of them know to stay away from the subsurf modifier - LOL.

Most of the reports on Sansar that I am reading are not glowing. It has plenty of time hopefully to find its way, but the choices made will definitely impact its acceptance.

I also thought it odd that when I went to look at the Sansar store, I saw mostly pretty awful stuff (it made Kitely look prestigious -- well not quite but on the way). Where are all the products that were touted as being available from some top SL creators? Most folks don't want to "downgrade" on a new platform.

I think the biggest problem is that from the beginning SLers assumed Sansar was going to be SL on steroids -- bigger, better, fancier et al. And it is a NEW PLATFORM, so it will take time for it to find its legs and get a workable vision together.

And don't forget to read the TOS :D.


TurboSquid creators are Pro-level? That's pretty funny. Pro-level for what? In the world of 3D models, there are many markets, in which models need to be made specifically for that market, or for that platform. Thinking that somehow Turbosquid items are all made well for Sansar is 3D ignorant. Overall, TurboSquid Items are CRAP. That said, I guarantee, that more than 50% of the stuff that is decent, won't ever be able to be used in Sansar, for 1 reason or another. Then, there is likely another 25% that are just too horrible to even be useful. How do I know all this? Well, I help develop games, and my clients are always looking to save money. It ususally starts out like this. A new client calls and they need help. I tell them a price, then we haggle, and they will get back to me. They go search the 3D modeling markets. They come back to me and say, "Hey, why can't we use this model and save some money?". I say, that model is too high poly, and doesn't come in a compatible format to use in Unity, or said game engine. Of course, I tell them, I can make it work, but that is going to cost you almost as much as me just making it all myself. There are an almost unlimited amount of reasons a model on Turbosquid won't work. 1 client kept wanting this nicely done wolf, but I had to explain that the wolf looks great because it uses Maya's fur system, which we don't have in Unity, or whatever game engine. So, NO, Turbosquid is FAR from PRO, and is really going to affect the market at all, IMHO.

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