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Monday, August 14, 2017


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Dartagan Shepherd

I got an SL formum ban for posting this:

Meanwhile LL allows sales of major brands that no creator can possibly afford the licensing fees of, nor meet the minimum sales threshold in those types of contracts. Because umm, DMCA. Not that a private company can't set their own policy to request proof of licensing or anything.

It's probably not self promotional, unless I can find a way to monetize my own victimhood. Working on it ... ;)

Dartagan Shepherd

Ugg, can't edit posts ... that would be a forum ban. Because a formum ban is something completely different.


I dont have it operational yet. But the sim has been acquired and this halloween will have a maze game for the first time in five years! More as the month of October draws nigh.

Germain Falconer

I got a great deal on an ancient Dragonesh class space ship. It's hyperdrive had burnt out, and it was being sold as scrap. Naurally I made lot of special modifications, including installing a quantum entanglement engine capable of instantly teleporting the ship across the universe,

I'm turning one room into a complete kitchen. I've always wanted a home, but I don't trust the governments on any planet I've visited, so my dream has always been a comfortable home on a space craft, able to instantly escape any planet that becomes dangerous to live on, like your planet Earth right now.

Naturally I have artificial gravity, so there's no problem bathing like on your ISS, therefore I was able to install a complete bathroom, including a Jacuzzi.

We'll be taking off on a new adventure soon, which will be reported on in Book II of Rabinart. Meanwhile, if you haven't read Book I yet, you'll have plenty of time to catch up: http://www.Rabinart.com .

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