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Monday, September 18, 2017


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The problem is there is no financial incentive to passing the test. Kurzweils predictions are often based on accelerating technological improvements, but that usually only occurs when there is profit to be made.

Still, if cpus double a few times (say 5 times or 32x faster) between now and 2029 I think we will pass the test.

Flashing Merlin

This appears to be the earliest of several claims a chatbot has passed the Turing test: https://io9.gizmodo.com/a-chatbot-has-passed-the-turing-test-for-the-first-ti-1587834715

Here's another more recent: http://nautil.us/issue/33/attraction/your-next-new-best-friend-might-be-a-robot

Has Mitch Kapor lost the bet?

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