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Tuesday, September 05, 2017


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What's the big deal here? Cool VL Viewer and Kokua Viewer and Firestorm Viewer already have 64bit versions of their viewers.

NiranV Dean

The big deal here is that Black Dragon wasn't 64bit for a long time as it was never necessary and personally conceived as obsolete, the simply time vs reward math was way off. The reported "performance improvements" never applied to me when i tested any 64bit Viewer. However now that more and more people are reporting out of memory crashes and LL is almost done with 64bit i was intrigued to take a look into 64bit without any big expectations from previous tests on other Viewers. Having the Viewer in 64bit now showed a massive difference in performance and so far all users i asked reported the same, over multiple systems, places and settings which i'd call a success although a unnecessarily painful success. Unlike on other Viewers i can actually SEE the improvements of 64bit, faster loading, faster texture fetching, much more fps (above example was in a full club), i'm easily getting 50-90 FPS in most non crowded places and 25-30 FPS in crowded places is still an extremely solid frame rate for SL given that all fancies such as Deferred and Shadows were enabled.

Chic Aeon

Just noting that I have seen 220 FPS on 64 bit Firestorm (the latest). 110 is pretty much normal but it does go down from time to time.

I have a 19.4 (just checked) connection so much less than some folks. Since not much has changed for me viewer or ISP wise in awhile, I am giving the credit for the large new numbers to The Lab.


NiranV Dean

I only ever see 220 FPS when i go into the sky and disable soften light, that is with shadows, and SSAO still enabled, so you either have hardware similar to mine and possibly quite a bunch stronger or you just have your settings lowered. Regardless of what it is, these numbers don't come from "the Lab", everyone's 64bit is a totally different 64bit than what i'm using. I'm the first one to have a public release of LL's 64bit Viewer code which is where my massive FPS boost comes from. I suspect others gaining some performance too when they switch from their 64bit to the official code.

Also while we're on the topic, i'd like to see how much FPS you get on my Viewer now that it is 64bit.

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