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Thursday, September 21, 2017


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Grizella Campbell-Coffin

My first and primary character in Ever, Jane is Mrs Earnest Elmsworth (née Grizella Campbell-Coffin) but I also play Miss Georgiana Beaumont, Mr Richard Reneau, Mrs Constant Reneau (née Jeanne-Elisabeth Huger), Mrs Archibald Gibbs (née Priscilla Reneau), Dr Henry Rutherford, Princess Sybille of Prussia, and Patrick, Lord Marchmont. I actually tracked the development of the closed beta (although I missed the deadline to donate), forgot about it for a few months, and then joined in December 2016 when I found it had opened. I'm 21, and I enjoy EJ because it allows an outlet for my love of history, historical etiquette, and, of course, Jane Austen. I haven't previously had an interest in MMO or RP gaming. The period and the setting are my interest. I'm based in North Carolina.

Alexander Stanton

I started playing in September of 2016 after reading an online review on some gaming site. I have always loved Jane Austen's stories as well as role-playing games, though this was my first experience with online RP. I am 37 and live in the greater Chicago area.

I play Alexander Stanton and his grandmother, Helen Stanton. Also Cecilia Drake, Edward Kingsley, Lord Spencer Chichester, Catherine Selkirk, Gabriel Lawrence, and a recently retired character Baron Johannes von Muller.

My only other MMO experience is World of Warcraft, so it is hard to compare the two as I never RPed in WoW and only RP in Ever Jane. The community in Ever Jane is definitely closer and more meaningful than what I experienced playing WoW (even in a regular raiding guild) and is one of my favorite aspects of the game.

Emilia Bexley

I started playing Ever, Jane in August of 2016 after the open beta was released. Actually...now that I think about it I cannot remember exactly where I'd heard about Ever, Jane, but I was drawn to it because I have a love of Regency history and Jane Austen! I had some previous experience with tabletop RP, but EJ is my first MMO. My spouse first exposed me to online RP several years ago but I could not find a genre I clicked with until this game. I am 26 and am based in the greater Washington DC area.

My primary character is Emilia Bexley (along with her brothers, the recently retired Colin and George Bexley). I also play Aoibhe Byrne, Chiara Rinaldi, Wilhelmina Harrington, and Esther Stapleton.

I love how much the community of players is able to share knowledge of Regency history. I thought I knew quite a lot when I first joined, but that knowledge pales in comparison to what I have gleaned from playing with other individuals that share my love of Austen!

Eleanor Rowley

I started playing when I saw Ever Jane advertized on the internet in September 2016. I love Jane Austen so I felt this was something I had to try.

I play Eleanor Rowley, Elizabeth Pembroke, James Fitzroy, Amelia Walford and Hannah Clarke.

I used to play World of Warcraft but never RPed. EJ is my first real experience in RP and I like that it enables me to learn about the period as I play.

I'm 38 and am originally from France though I very recently relocated in Pennsylvania.


I found Ever, Jane through an online friend, who knew I liked Jane Austen. As soon as I heard about Regency Era role play, I had to try it! My main character is named Ariadne Hughes--a sweet, shy, fairly proper girl of the times, who hides intelligence, a fierce love of music, and a lot of compassion under her timidity. I have some other characters as well, including a working-class girl, Liesl Bergmann, who is lady's maid to a princess; an earl's daughter, Lady Aurelia Vane; her childhood friend, Philip Rackham; the young student Letitia Holbrook; and a baronet, Sir Nicholas Audley. All of them are fun to play in their different ways!

IRL, I'm in my 20s in the U.S. As for other MMOs, I've never actually played others; I'm not a gamer in the usual sense of the term; my role play besides this is all through text (I've used Skype, IMs of various kinds, a chatroom, and forums, among other platforms). But I'm very fond of this game. I love being able to see what the characters are doing, instead of just reading it. What's more, the community of players that's developed around this is fantastic! We all have a lot of fun together, and that, after all, is exactly what games are for.

Silas Turner

I found out about Ever, Jane shortly after the beta was opened and an article about it was widely passed around, a little over a year ago. I have a love a history and lot of experience with indie tabletop RPGs and larps but had thus far avoided MMOs because of the time commitment and because some cut-throat encounters had made previous experiences less fun. But Ever, Jane sounded different from a lot of what's out there! I enjoy games that are about physical challenges but there's a world of amazing drama to be had when the focus is on what's happening socially in an era of oppressive restrictions and startling debauchery. My characters have experienced sweet and tender poetic courtships, hot seductions, social shame, and subtle social triumphs. They've loved in secret, made calculating connections, and made stupid mistakes in the name of friendship. And there was that one time Silas dressed up as Icarus for the Greek-theme masquerade ball, drank too much wine, leaned too close to the sconces and set his wings on fire. The next day he was having tea and nervously hoping no one knew it was him.

In the game I play Silas Turner, a young, gay, former-opera singer who's studying to be a barrister when he isn't causing mischief or gossiping about the villagers with his secret love. I also play Joshua Creasey, a traveling vicar who's settling into his first long-term gig after meeting a special lady who loves Wordsworth as much as he does. And I'm developing Timothy Selkirk, who's trying to turn a profit by opening a Gentleman's Club after his gentleman father gambled away the family fortune.

I'm 37 and I live in the Philadelphia area.

Sophia Creasey

I hope I'm not too late - just found out about this!

I have been playing Ever, Jane since the end of their Kickstarter in December 2013. While I've taken lengthy breaks during development, mostly when there weren't many other players, I have seen the game progress from prototype to closed beta to open beta.

My main character for most of that time was Sophia Underwood, who very recently became Mrs. Joshua Creasey. <3 I also play Sophia's cousin Reginald Gordon, a rakish lawyer deep in debt; Lucy Fairchild, a young naval widow; Lucy's brother, Adam Wilson; and most recently Camille DuBois, who I'll refrain from describing since most of my fellow players don't know her true story yet.

I had never had much interest in the mainstream gaming world as so much of it is in the fantasy genre, which simply doesn't captivate me the way it does others. EJ's strong literary bent called to me as an avid reader and writer. Between the inspiration from the works of Jane Austen and the sandbox play, this is a setting that naturally appeals to people who love language and want to write fun and compelling stories together.

I'm 27, and while I'm currently based in central Virginia, for most of the open beta period I was traveling around the world as a freelance writer. Having this tight-knit community that was naturally based online across different time zones helped keep me sane, and I've formed so many wonderful relationships through this platform.

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