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Monday, September 11, 2017


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Alicia Chenaux

What I've noticed, especially concerning Sansar since it's a Linden Lab product, is that people don't want to go without their inventory. You can tell them it's not SL 2.0. You can say over and over again that this is a new thing, and it doesn't matter. They want their SL inventory with them wherever they go. They want to look like themselves - whatever "self" that they've chosen to represent them in the virtual world. It isn't always just friends and family that keep them in SL. It's stuff. It's their favorite pair of virtual jeans, their favorite hair, the prim couch someone gave them in 2009 that they can't stand parting with because that person has passed away.

I've said many times that when I go to Sansar or Sinespace, it's like going on vacation to me. I get to go somewhere, see new things, and then "go home" to Second Life. Some people refuse to even go visit because they can't pack a suitcase.


This is exactly right. To attract SL users, Sansar needs a connection to SL. Tying the accounts together would help. The ability to communicate with SL accounts would be good.

For a lot of SLers I think Sansar is too dumbed down. We have a lot of control in how we look and our environment in SL. At the moment we don't have that in Sansar. Maybe with time.


Sitting with my headset i feel very alone in Sansar and it is not me. In SL and Opensim i have the same avatar. There are a few people around and thats the difference.

I drive a truck in Euro truck simulator 2. When playing the game offline there are a lot of nice AI traffic but still i go to the rather messy online game. People drive in to me. Say bad things. Scream in voice. But it is still more fun.

Any virtual place are it's people. I think thats why i hang around.


No interest in starting over in a virtual world when I have everything I want in second life. But hey all you sansar and Open sim enthusiasts go ahead and leave we dont need ya.

Chic Aeon

In the beginning --- long long ago when someone "let slip" about the new SL 2.0 there was plenty of semi-official talk (Ebbe on the forums) about SL folks taking inventory with them. It seemed at one point that the devs were going to try and port things for us :D. That would have been good. But always there were the differences in the platforms. Animations and scripts were two biggies. So you "might" be able to import a table or painting over (and likely you still can if you made it yourself), but that isn't enough. Money was going to be interchangable. Names would go with us as well as friends lists.

None of that happened -- and it is understandable. Plans change along the way. But by going for the new folks over the ones already in the LL fold (perhaps kicking and screaming, but there) a big section of possible users disappeared. I haven't heard anyone talking much about Sansar these last months, not even after the opening.

I have been the vanguard on plenty of virtual platforms. Most didn't make it, but I still tried to be supportive and help the cause along --- just in case it had a chance. Cloud Party had great tech but no way for creators to get money out and no adult stuff. Put them together and it was obvious that even the great tech wouldn't get them into the show.

Usually I am at a new spot because of the tech -- and I do like to be supportive. AND, for a long while I was looking forward to working in Sansar. But not so much any more. I had issues with the Creator Terms of Use or whatever the official name was. The first one I saw was breathtakingly horrible. I noted on my second look many months later that those OMG clauses had been removed. A plus for sure.

Then there is the VR gear. Even if folks can make things without VR gear, I am not seeing how they can test their work for those WITH VR gear WITHOUT HAVING VR gear. LOL. A conundrum for sure. Put those things together and I am thinking I will be staying where I am. Things are going well there for me. I know the rules. I know the viewer. I have folks I chat with now and then.

Good article. Smart thoughts.

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