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Thursday, September 21, 2017


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Alicia Chenaux

The first day they opened Sansar up to people, I ran into several SL Oldbies who just wanted to check it out. And many said they felt like logging back into SL just to see what was new, which I think is awesome. I'd love love love to have some old friends come back!


I really should log in sometime to make sure THOSE DARN KIDS ARE STAYING OFF MY LAWN! /shakes fist/


They are back in SL simply to delete their inventory and tie up any loose ends before deleting account.

That's what I did.


Han Held


I'm reasonably sure that if you delete your account, LL holds things for 30 days in case you change your mind, but after that it's wiped.

I know when I fished out my 2005 account in 2010 it had been wiped. And they even tell you so (or at least used to, in 2005).


If anybody has a early 2006 or earlier avatar they want to get rid of I would like to talk about transferring it. It is legal to do so with LL permission.

Loquacia Loon

I took a break of a couple of years. Curiosity and missed friends drew me back. So happy to see how much mesh has improved avatar appearance, and fashions have improved so much which is a big draw for me. Still re-finding my feet though because many of the friends I looked for appear to have moved on and most of my favourite haunts have disappeared.

Rachel Boram

My avatar is over 10 years old. I returned recently because of Horizon land. I am able to pay 5$ usd for 750 prims (after the initial 100$ usd purchase). The newer mesh items are way less primy these days. If they can ever get the sim fee down to 50$ a month, I would by a SIM and encourage more friends to return.

Lelani Carver

I turn 10 next month. I had taken an extended break (about a year and a half) yet always felt the pull, though didn't have the time to put in. When I did log back in and get into group chat, it seems I wasn't the only one to show up in more than a year. Everything looks so good now, that all my older household items are hopelessly dated, and I forgot much of what I learned in Blender. Hey ho! It's been fun getting back and freshening stuff up.

Now to remember the password for my blog...


I've been gone for awhile just due to working with other technologies, but find that I always enjoy coming into SL and seeing what kind of unregulated creativity exists within the virtual world. I was surprised to see four people I've never seen online in over a year. The few I asked just felt now was a good time to come back after having been gone for so long. I don't think anybody ever forgets their time in SL, for both good and bad! Personally, in a world where you are increasingly charged more and more for less, in terms of both creative freedom and service, I've always found SL's creative anarchy refreshing, which is why I'll keep coming back.

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