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Thursday, September 14, 2017


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James must have alot invested in sansar he keeps trying to persuade everyone to leavesSL to go there


This was a very nice article and the tips are welcomed.

Carlos Loff

This is all cool but the market page does not allow even to check if items are comy, modify or whatever, it would be nice for users to know if they can build a whole small wood with a copy tree for example - Sansar came out too soon and anyway I use Mac, again they came out too soon, I give Sansar until next Summer, to reach a definitive - RIP

Brookston Holiday

@Carlos There isn't really a copy/mod type permissions system as of yet. As far as I can tell everything sold is basically copy/mod/no trans. Not that there is much to modify.

@LagOh Thank you very much for your kind words!

@V Yup, you caught me, I'm deep in the pockets of Big Sansar. But seriously, at no point in my post do I argue anyone should be leaving SL for Sansar. I don't think they should, it's not really ready for casual users, but for the 3d modelers out there, as long as you're making mesh for SL you might as well take the time to cross sell on Sansar

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