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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


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It's pretty fun from the first day, as well as the hilarious retaliations. I took some friend with me and while I was playing I was thinking: «I wish LL did this years ago», remembering friends who got bored and left SL. It's true that it could be even better. While "grinding" isn't new in MMOs, indeed this game becomes repetitive after a while, without enough incentives or balance to keep the interest alive on the long run. At least for now. I'm curios to see the next updates and improvements.
The ladder seem a good idea. Other things I'd like to see (besides fixing the actual glitches): a better way to follow or to make follow your friends or party among different locations, also I miss some interaction with other players. I know some people would still prefer to play solo, and that should stay, but it would be fun to do something together with friends and maybe you can make new ones too. I don't mean necessarily PvP, something cooperative, even little things. Then some kind of link in the starting town to a forum or support board, and a redelivery kiosk for Epic Glytches that weren't delivered (I saw transaction IDs).

Chic Aeon

Thanks for the repost. I did have a GREAT week, but back to work now.

This morning though I ventured over early for a second (really not more than a couple of minutes) to see if "the glytchs were dropping". Not for me, alas. Caught but not in inventory still.

BUT there is a BUT!

While on my way to MY capture, I got hit a few times by glytchs (they seem to be programed to all go on a tear at one time, then they are friendly for awhile and then mixed -- so you just have to grin and go with it. ANYWAY, there is a new -- well let's call it "power of the glytchs". Not going to give it away but lots of fun and a great creation from the design team.

Hopefully the issues will get resolved, some private folks will join in the game so that there are lots of locations, etc. A new glytch family a month would be a great idea IMHO.

I am not sure that I have the time it would take to get into the bonus realm, but I will likely stop by from time to time to see how things are going.

And to Pulsar --- I have seen folks hunting together. You can (except for the Realms) landmark and meet up. And even if you want to go to the realms all you really need to do is send and IM with your location and your friends can page though the "next" locations until they come to where you are. Not hard at all.

Yes, my friend had some Epics not delivered too, so really that is the first thing to fix. Gets some hunter grouchy!


Patchouli Woollahra

How long before the first event revolving solely about Glytches becomes the game's own Chicago? When that happens, we will have truly arrived at a niche-class response to Pokemon GO.

Also: the problem behind zombie Glytches is basically ghost prims: a failure to update the sim's environment to match what items are actually rezzed. This happens inevitably with any SL system that places a significant load in terms of object changes, and if the zombies get out of hand a sim reboot will usually kill all of them. It would be better if the issue did not occur of course, but...


Chic Aeon, that's exactly what I did with my friends, but something more streamlined like the ability to sync the same next location with someone else would make it more enjoyable and as you said you cannot tp them to the Realms.


Else I'd have said "I'd like a way", instead of "a better way"

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