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Wednesday, September 06, 2017


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The way the article is written gives the impression that you are upset that there wasn't more sim losses. Am I the only one who thought that?


I didn't get the impression from this article that the writer wants anything negative to happen in SL but I agree with LL that they need to move forward with some kind of change for SL. Making it cheaper would definitely create growth. They really need to tweak with the platform too and improve the lag problem if they want people to keep investing.


I agree SL has so much potential that their limiting with the insane costs. Maybe it takes everyone leaving for them to act


Also it's back to school time. It was a hard summer with a lot of vacancies. But now people are flooding back.


Could it be that the owners looked at SANSAR and thought "this ain't gonna make it" and stuck with Second Life?

Dani Vieira

Sansar has been years in development and is still not out of open beta. How could they have made any such decision, LagOh? LL has been clear that they are not abandoning SL in favor of Sansar, and that they believe that SL has many more years of life in it.


@Dani Vieira - I was talking about the SIM owners, not Linden Labs.


I got a homestead. All my fault.

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