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Monday, September 25, 2017


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L$100,000 for custom mesh items


I spent more than $600 USD and to create a custom hogwarts and hogsmeade - pre mesh around 2009 with liquid heat.


All the prices quoted above are pretty insane.
I wouldn't spend that kind of money on any of
those things unless it meant land rates would
beome competitive with Open Sim grids like
Kitely and GCG.

Ephemera crawford

Bought a Lelutka head and a Maitreya body and it completely revitalized SL for me. Worth every penny.

Grid Famous Games

that's $20 for the head and another $5ish for the skin to go with it. probably another $1 for the make-up.

My AV is a dude, and I'm still on system Avatar. it's just easier and less money/time consuming to keep up with.


The cost of a mesh head or body is small spread out over time. SL can provide a lot of enjoyment fairly cheap. Now paying for a SL musician to perform can be expensive and almost impossible to recoup the cost from concert goers. Of course the price of virtual land is the big cost. The price of land or server space is going to be more in SL than any of it's competitors because you reach a far bigger audience but I would like to see a downward adjustment.

LaPiscean Liberty

Would you pay 16 bucks to see Virtual Beyonce?


Chic Aeon

@ LAP I remember those days LOL. I would NOT pay $16 to see Beyonce in SL nor would I in RL. So probably not a good test subject am I. My surrogate kid however pays many big bucks to see live shows and flies to them besides. It should be noted that these are REALLY OLD RL PEOPLE and he is not so of their age --- that I think is pretty interesting.

And to the question.

I am not a shopper. I get tons of wonderful items from great creators via blogging and many things that I want and can't find I just make myself (ending up in some very long term selling products because I evidently wasn't the only wanting *XYZ* item).

That said my most expensive purchase was my Lelutka head a few years ago. It is the old model of course and not Bento and cost $2750 if I remember correctly. Add a Maitreya body for a bit less and that was my makeover for likely a decade. I used the default skins for awhile which are quite nice and then got a group gift skin and then a $100 Genre bargain skin which I wore for a long while. Now I found one I like better via event blogging.

I really can't imagine something I would want enough to spend a ton of lindens, hence dollars. But I am a pretty minimalist gal in all worlds. I still have some 20 year old clothes that I love and will have to go away "eventually". A friend of mine, I am sure, would like that to happen sooner than later. But to me resources are resources. Happily though, for people who DO like to spend money on pixels, no trees have been lost or animals killed or rain forests cut down in the fulfilling of their "needs".

And THAT I think is a good thing.


A virtual modeling scholarship 15k

Aliasi Stonebender

I believe my Starax magic wand cost L$15000, back in the day. It's probably the single most expensive thing, not counting when I went in on a sim with some friends.


It's too much money for a single item in SL. I have spent about 15 US $ a helicopter and a plane, 3 cars 25 US $, boats (3) approximately 30 or 40 US $, a lot of clothes and accessories for the Aesthetic about 60 US $ and I do not need anything else . The player eventually spends more on clothes than a head (even though he spent $ 20 last year on a mesh head). For that reason I will not change the Aesthetic for another body, I am happy with it. They should lower the prices, if they are lowered they could think about changing upside down every year. It is better to earn US $ 30 in 2 years than a single year 20 US $.

Misty Rhodes

I too have bought the LeLutka Simone Head and the Maitreya Lara body. I love Bento Mesh and so these purchases along with many more that I have made since are well worth it. I have 14 years invested in my avatar. She is an extension of me, my inner me and a reflection of what I love about Second Life - That it is always evolving and changing and the imagination and creativity of others is euphoric. That and I love to shop and Gacha everyday! And just the night before last, LeLutka came out with its first MALE BENTO HEAD and I gave my best friend in all of SL the 5k he needed to get it. Benefit? Priceless - because it made him so very happy.


A kittycat Bengal Black about 2,5 years ago for 75000 linden. But i got the money back after i sold the kittens this cat gave me.

Miyoko Magic

We should never forget this: 460.000L$ = around 1800$ for the hook dress that got sold at an auction for Relay for Life in 2008.

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