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Thursday, September 28, 2017


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SO it's now Trump's fault that North Korea is test firing missiles and directly over Japan and threatening the US daily with a strike? Are you kidding me?!

And that site you linked to in your tweet, just further drivel in the whole 'Muh Russia' narrative. You folks are borderline sick on your own shit at this point. I am astounded daily at the level of stupid exhibited minutely by the New Left, for which you apparently are front and center of.

You want to see it burn just because your chosen criminal candidate Madame Side of Beef didn't win. Sick sick sick sick.

Clara Seller

Free exchange of ideas and information is really only dangerous to those people who are too compromised and afraid to think for themselves. It does hurt to look at things that you once cherished and see it for the evil it has become.

It hurts everyone when you refuse to do that. Take back your mind and feed your soul.


Yes, it was Russia. Russia I tell you. That is the the reason that America did not vote for that lying old hag. Those damned Russians can manipulate anything. Why I'll bet they even put that server in her house and wiped it clean too. Yes definitely the Russians cause no american can think for themselves.

GTFO Wagner

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