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Wednesday, September 06, 2017


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Carlos Loff

Salesmen - Change the name and go sell another hype, this is even so farfetched that the XR will not even make it to most mainstream blogs - Please, can we skip eve the hype, declare XR RIP right away and move on to all present fantastic real projects ??? This will save many coins to everyone - People want better Second Lifes, they are so far from VR, XR and all that crap that not even a slightly different product like Sansar can take off, cheers - PS - Besides the rant I find XR very interesting, Im pretty sure in 30 or 50 years from now it will be soreadout globally


I like the term xr the x is the unknown factor and r is reality unknown reality xr it could offer ar vr mr etc experience all the general public will know is that xr will offer them one of them. Xr creates less confussion and looks cool like the xgames or the xfactor mr looks like mister xr tidies all this up and places all reality based experience under the one umbrella term

sirhc deSantis

The last tech evangelist I had any time for was Guy Kawasaki (and that was when Jerry Pournelle wrote for Byte - chaos manor anyone) so the term is - lets not go there, Tammy.
Now Augmented Reality - as a glasses wearer for nigh on 5 decades does that make me OT? :)

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