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Monday, October 09, 2017


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Yeah, no one is noticing Elon is attaching himself to the phrase "virtual reality" because he has nothing else he can attach his name to a buzz phrase so quickly and cost-effectively.

It's SEO-esque, and may be directly related to improving the relevance of one's name and companies to modern times?

Even olden-day Interviews are full of it. Some marketers refer to something called "top of mind awareness" and I think that was the goal. Memorable stories, so people will pass them on and remember them so easily. You remember the person, they seem more relevant and you remember them when popular conversational topics are going on with friends. Viral memory placement, old school style.

AM Radio

The Verge asked him the question in 2016 in the context of a panel about artificial intelligence, a key component to current ideas about how virtual worlds could function autonomously. As one of the earliest inventors to find context and use for AI in a useful scenario, it's a natural progression of a conversation with Elon Musk. Don't forget while companies like Nokia and car manufactures were still hosting self driving car hackathons with Ford focuses festooned with ridiculous gear and driving 8 mph with questionable accuracy, Elon was announcing he'd solved it. And he had. Wrong or right, he's pivotal to the dialog of how AI is entering or lives in a big way and his introduction of AI in a manner acceptable to consumers, avoiding the uncanny valley, will be pivotal in how we accept virtual experiences for the rest of our lives. His inability to meet tesla demand, and the strange criticism that's followed is far better for his bottom line than a few side chats about people wondering about the nature of reality in a post AI world.

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