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Friday, October 06, 2017


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Nexii Malthus

If you want try a unique vehicle that has very high drivability then I can share my six-legged mech with readers. It was in motivation to try develop a vehicle that would be more maneuverable than an avatar - which is a difficult thing to accomplish.


Here I'm going to mention the products from builders that make their own build for Second Life, not those who download a model from a library or even worser ripped from some game.

Best motorboat: Ape Piaggio's LittleBee. It turns into an hydrofoil. It can do anything, even... coffee LOL. Well built, awesome scripting and totally fun.

(Gozzo Sorrentino seems impressive too, but I don't know it so well:
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Gozzo-Sorrentino/10150223 )

Sailing boats: Bandit and The Mesh Shop make good builds that sail realistically and they have many details and animations.
Best small boat: Bandit IF, pretty popular
Their best cruisers: Bandit 60, 55, TMS Ushuaia, and they are popular too

Best copters: Shergood Aviation. A friend of mine has these and they are detailed and impressively realistic as for controls and flight. Maybe the S-64 is the one with the most wow factor. The maker is a real life copter pilot, as far as I know. Not for beginners

Best small plane: ZSK PA-38 Tomahawk. High quality build and scripting (as all ZSK products). It looks pretty good from outside and wonderful in fist person view when you fly it. It has the most realistic flying script I ever seen, it even simulates different wind conditions.

Note: ZSK is building a business jet now, another potential "best"

(I don't know much about cars, but another friend of mine has this amphibian Platypus Typ 707 from GEMC. It looks well made and scripted, nice to drive and it's fun.
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GEMC-Platypus-Typ-707/9610127 )

Wagner J Au

Thanks much, Puslar, this is great!

Nexii, would love to see that! Can you post some screenshots?

Nexii Malthus

It's best seen in person or driven personally, but here you go:


Uses raycasting to figure out how place legs, it's mostly driven in mouselook, but well trained pilots can eventually figure out how to walk up/down buildings and with enough expertise even going upside down is possible. Can jump and fall as well.

Wagner J Au

Holy crap that's awesome! Are those all attachments on your avie?

Nexii Malthus

Nope, it is one object that you sit on. Attachments would make it very difficult to animate in this manner.

Wagner J Au

Very cool -- in the Marketplace or how can people get a copy?

Kirtan Dreamrezzer

The six-legged [Prototypal] Mech Version 50 is listed on SL Marketplace here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Prototypal-Mech/17704458

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