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Monday, October 23, 2017


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If I recall correctly, years ago there was a guy in SL doing numerous "Live Concert" events, using actual audio from actual concert films and albums. He claimed at the time that he had a right to use the material because he had been a roadie or a sound guy or something. I always wondered if he would ever eventually get a C&D or two from someone's 800LB gorilla, because what he was doing was obviously a major copyright and trademark violation.


Sansar won't be sellable until it shows it can turn a profit...in the meantime, Linden Labs could put too much investment into Sansar, which, if and when Sansar fails, could put all of Linden Labs products at risk of closure, since they haven't been able to attract buyers for Second Life or Linden Labs, itself, let alone a would-be-at-that-time, failed product, like Sansar. As several companies/investors have shown they would rather build an all-new platform than be saddled with Second Life. It's now all on Linden Labs to pull off this risky endeavor and make it succeed, despite it's more recent history in such things.

Ciaran Laval

Sansar has a desktop mode, which Linden Lab could continue to develop if VR falters, they haven't got all their Sansar eggs in the VR basket.


A rich company could buy Sansar even if it isn't profitable, just to grab some asset, tech and patents, and then close it. Yahoo did that with Cloud Party.
That would be a preferable scenario for LL, rather to just fail and lose the investment.
Either a radical change happens, or it's likely that Sansar isn't going to be profitable, given the current setup. To be profitable, Sansar would need an userbase many times wider than SL. On the other hand, Sansar hardware and network requirements go in the opposite direction, shrinking the possible users to a tinier slice (5-10 Mbps download speed would be ok at the current average speeds, but in fact it takes up to an half hour to download a scene, this is among the fist things users notice. You need much more than the average). All this while VR mass adoption is still a guess.

Of course being the first one on the scene is a plus. The problem with Sansar is that there is a good chance it have missed that plus. Instead of taking Unity or Unreal and focusing on features, LL took time in developing their own 3D engine. Having more control on it has advantages, but it took resources and time. Meanwhile the big guys stepped in and the competitors are no longer just indie devs and startups. Now LL has to offer (to users and maybe buyers) an underdeveloped Sansar, while facing Microsoft, Facebook, etc.
They may still have a chance, but its getting paler and paler.

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