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Tuesday, October 03, 2017


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im totally against body shamming , but to the protestors your potentially violating SLs terms of service yourself.The store owner can report you for harassment and griefing of her store in which she owns the land. Is her statement at the store "No fat chicks " bad sure and its stupid ..but there is far better ways to protest it then driving her store up to number 1 in the search engine. You can avoid the place, notify all your friends to avoid the place , dont buy from her tell your friends not to buy from her and let people know on social media which is all great things to do and i support.

however i do not support the sit in at all , she trolled you all and she got what she wanted her store on the map and high in the search list.

In the mean time i hope she doesnt report you all and get your accounts suspended or banned because what you are doing is harassment and griefing her and her store for her opinion and sign.

This isn't the US or any other country that has the right to protest. This is a virtual world in which members own land and land owners have their own rights and rules by LL that protect them. If your protest interferrs with customers or blocks customers from entering her parcel because you cap the sim you can be reported ..will she ..who knows im pretty sure she is loving it all with her troll laugh and enjoying the traffic increase that she will have for a couple weeks after you get tired of sitting in before it drops back down. I have a feeling this is one of those any publicity is good publicity for her and people with her like minded hateful thinking will support her.

Chic Aeon

LOL. I am trying to look at this from the LOOOONG view of a double Aquarian (typist, not avatar who is a Capricorn *wink*).

We are what we are.
We are anything we WANT to be.

I have to admit I blink a few times at bodies with boobs and buttocks way larger than Mother Nature could ever imagine -- oh and don't forget the 22 inch wastes in accompaniment. I generally put that down as male fantasy recreation. But really? Should it matter?

From a CREATOR'S point of view limiting sizes and shapes of garments in this day and age only shows that the makers builder skills are not what they should be.

Just sayin'.



sirhc deSantis

Now this is marketing :) All about that bass, no treble....


Hello, ive noticed this thing couple days ago withing second life. The creator of the avatar is not just overly rude with all this they also using stolen content from Daz Studio 3D.
Since the overall body/facial structure they using on their avatar was overly familiar i had to check at the demo especially about what kind of textures they using and ive found these in my cache after checking at the body demo:
These are the Daz3D Genesis mesh body UV maps/textures. Daz3D does not allow use/resell their content without a license which im sure not in the creators hand since its rather expensive just only to do this body shaming...
Everyone who reading this i would suggest to report the creator at Daz3D here https://www.daz3d.com/help/help-contact-us so they can file a DMCA at Linden Lab and pull out the creator's content from SL as how it is.


Wow. That is terrible. If I was renting land to a store that did that I would ask them to take it down or vacate. I have done it before to people promoting hate against vampires and I would do it for people promoting hate against the full figured woman.



There's a huge difference (pun intended) between full figured and lard ass size, most of the avs are of the latter variety. lol


i'b found several fat avatars models I'd like to bring inst SL but even they are too hard to rig it might be the sides stick out so much further from the neckline whil most sims game avatars are paper thin too

fat gurls need lovn too they always gave me the best head ther really good with there mouths.

Tigra Watanabe

Well, they help the Shop Owner and the People who go there can ignore the "deformed People".
SL is a Fantasy World, so here you can be what you want.
Not sure why some female Avatars have Hips 3-4 times whider then the Shoulders (giant Ass Ava), for me it just look like a Figure of a Caricature Cartoon for me.
I like funny Ava, but I don't think that's what the People with this Ava's want.
Some maybe want to protest with it against the Fast Food Restaurants, who made Ppl in RL fat, some like the Shape in a sexual Way and other maybe made their Ava in the Shape of their RL Self.
If some People protest against Places, who not like Avas with Overweight Design, then they should made the same Protest against Sims, who not allow and ban People from Sims, because they are Furrys (like me) or they are wearing a Grouptag they not like.

An Avatar

Body beautiful comes in all sizes, shapes and types.

I am one for boycotting the traffic system in Second Life.

Traffic is faked anyway and those who cling to these false statistics are outdated and arrogant. They rely on pretend traffic to fake popularity rather than innovate and improve our experience - and we fall for it!

How about this idea?

Change your status to 'bot' (yes this is legitimate, I asked Linden Lab and have the proof) and start having 'Traffic-Free Zones' in Second Life. When your avatar is registered as a bot you know you won't be promoting sims in the fake traffic race. Your avatar, as a bot can go freely where you like and not be count as traffic.

For Traffic Free Zones, the race is off - they no longer need to try to get traffic and can relax and simply run their land as they want - to improve what they offer you.

Maybe you can even wear something like a green ribbon or a red 'X' to show that you're not counted as traffic?

I think I remember something like this being suggested by Hamlet a while ago, but it seems more relevant than ever now.

Dominic Ayers

name of this store? i been lookin all over for this

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