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Thursday, October 26, 2017


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Iggy 1.0

I'm really surprised that The Atlantic is running something like this. Their tech pieces do not tend to cover gaming or anything like a VR very often.

As a subscriber of more than 30 (!) years, I cannot wait to see the article.

Argo Nurmi

I second Iggy's remark - a serious journalist taking a careful look. My one reservation is can she pack all SL many facets into one article. When so many before have failed to do justice doing it right will take a lot of skill and a bit of luck. I am an optimist.

Hamlet - see this below and if interested check the URL of the larger report from which it was drawn at the end.

Tim Wu, the author, calls out virtual worlds as the place with the first and earliest occurrence of the censorial digital mob.

Wagner J Au

Hmm I'm not seeing a mention of virtual worlds in the NYT editorial, or am I just missing it?

Ciaran Laval

The virtual worlds comment is in the linked full essay from the NYT article but I'm struggling to find the reference from there to a more in depth article.

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