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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


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Has anyone considered just how big the combined server farm is between MS, Google, Amazon, and Facebook just to power the cloud? Yesterday I took the rare opportunity to zoom out on Second Life's map. That's a crapload of islands and mainland all running 24/7. Why couldn't Facebook bring 50 million servers online?


Wait. Who said anything about it being mmo? You download a little room that is a promo for some company, you are alone there (besides any NPC's presence) and...uh, that doesn't take much back end. Just put it on google play and do some advertising. I think that would be their minimum, but maybe it's to dazzle and impress? That is all I see, promotion and buzz bandwagoning, I humbly guess.

But, nice opportunity to mention one's own company and product as well lol. So they are all doing it. Any clarification may get another article, re-tweet etc. Any news is good. Why mention "good news" and let people figure out what you mean, debate it in another article and then set them straight and get a third wave of tweets and attention lol.

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