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Thursday, October 12, 2017


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Patchouli Woollahra

Wow. I'd read about this in your book, but it's one thing to read dry text and another to actually see a lineart concept of it.

Divorcing itself from the Rig was probably a better call in 2002/03 though: a GeForce 256 could never have pumped out enough fidelity to make VR anyway remotely realistic. It would be several years before PBR rendering was something more than a academic proposal running in a entire roomful of computers.

Hardware startups also tend to have a higher rate of failure as they are unfortunately more reliant on other factors rather than inhouse talent and gear.

It does seem to make sense that till we have a way to override sensory perception and movement control, a full body rig would be the closest available option to replicate full-body sensation and control in VR. Here's hoping someone runs with the ball.


I started a company called cybernetic worlds to build co-op computer worlds. But it was before the internet and really networks. So it kind of died out. Not all projects work. lol.


projected screen thingies. Wasn't it valve, nvidia or some company that was doing this. They used the room though, so you woul maybe have kids complaining to mom about the decor lol. But, when you move out on your own...uh, the pizza box, pile of clothes on the floor and mattress on the floor are not a big deal right? LOL, yeah basically there isn't a solution other than HMD but possibly augmented reality making use of a physical space may make it a little easier. Especially with dedicated tracking hardware chips that have their own camera. WIth more information (like heat maybe?) and dedicated software and sensor, a tracking system would work faster and be more accurate. It leverages the need or urge to be somewhere, be mobile even, rather than veg out in front of a desktop computer in a room all alone.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

"hasn't been seen by hardly anyone"? So if hardly anyone has not seen it, that means almost everyone has, right?


Stoner Phil single handedly working to increase obesity and mental illness.

Yay Phil Yay.

Wagner J Au

""hasn't been seen by hardly anyone"? So if hardly anyone has not seen it, that means almost everyone has, right?"

Doh, good catch, thanks; fixed.


Over the past 5 years, I have often thought that, considering the direction we are going with control technology, that the sweeping instrument displays that we see in, for instance, the Star Trek television series, is likely an outdated concept, and that instead, there would be no instrument consoles and it would all be displayed and accessed via a VR or AR headset (depending on type of application) instead. Also, knowing how susceptible to imbalance and falling that the bipedal humanoid model was, that we would adopt chairs like in sports cars with straps to strap the person in,that would allow for alot of movement to increase our perceptive capabilities while in those headsets.

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