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Monday, October 30, 2017


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The above commentator uses a false example with Cloud city and FB. FB bought it to see if it could be successful since there wasn't much to measure against. It wasn't so it was shut down.

Nobody in their right mind is going to buy Sansar with all indications that it is a failure and will be a failure for a number of established reasons.

If anybody is going to eat it, it will be LL. But you can thank the faithful SL residents for ponying up the dough for the 'experiment'.



How about fixing Second Life finally instead trying to get rid of it?

Imagin Illyar

I think that it's way too soon to count Sansar out. They are promising a very advanced avatar. That is something that none of the other VWs have yet and will make a bigger impact on the number of users than most people think. Sinespace has the cloth physics that Sansar is getting mid-December (fashion update) but their avatars are ridiculous. High Fidelity STILL doesn't have a way to cash out (I know, coming soon, block chain, yeah, yeah, we'll see.) Their avatars still suck too.

Clara Seller

I'm not "in the know" on Sansar. I stopped paying attention when I was watching a live feed of SL elites chatting nonsense at a Sansar dance party where they were only able to awkwardly stand because dancing wasn't available yet. Am I this desperate to kill time?

I see more enthusiasm for SL Gacha drama or Avatar fat shaming controversy than for the obscene amount of resources that have been sunk into this wingless flopping golden turkey called Sansar. Gee, I don't know if they should sell it or just keep pretending there's a dance party going on where nobody is dancing? Tough call.

Video Game Enthusiast

Sansar's future leans towards failure simply because of its creator: Linden Lab.

Name ONE successful LL project aside from Second Life.
Patterns? The minecraft rip-off they abandoned a few years ago?
Blocksworld? The Roblox Rip-off no one knows about?
What about that steam rip off they purchased? Oh, yes, they already sold it after doing absolutely nothing with it.
Notice a common pattern here? Aside from failure, of course. Yes, RIP OFF. Linden Lab wouldn't know an original idea if it bit them in the ass and left a huge bloody mark (that's some Halloween spirit for ya).
What makes anyone think that, Linden Lab, a company that hasn't had to compete with anyone or anything in its whole entire existence, is capable of innovation required to create a front runner virtual reality platform?
Just look at what they've done with SL ever since they realized big corporations want nothing to do with it (around 2007 is when that happened). Hint: very little.
Second Life is great, but don't be mistaken. Its greatness has nothing to do with Linden. They cannot claim any of SL's success (doesn't stop them though). It's all down to the countless great creators and open source contributors.

Let's run down some of the most recent "improvements" to Second Life, shall we?

Mesh - created by Qarl Linden, who they rudely laid off. It's pretty barren honestly, but it does the job.

Fit-Mesh - A hack and a really bad feature. Contributed by an SL Creator who discovered a bug that allowed people to rig to attachment bones.
Mind you, this hack job lazy half-bug half-feature was implemented over an actual Mesh Deformer that was developed by Karl Stiefvater (fka Qarl Linden) one which SL residents had to CROWDFUND (5000 American Dollars. None of it came from LL), because Linden Lab didn't care & didn't want to put the money up. And they still don't care.

Materials - Second Life's materials are pitiful. Anyone who works in 3D or even plays video games, knows that. Specular and Normal map only. What year is it?? Guess who coded it...You guessed it! An independent SL user. If I recall correctly, it was the developer behind the Exodus Viewer. No disrespect to him, I'm sure he had more ambitious plans. Unfortunately for us, Linden Lab doesn't care.

Bento - Most of the work on bento was done by SL residents. You have the Avastar & Mayastar people to thank for the majority of this feature.

Every major & worthy feature LL Implements likely came to them as a DONATION from 3rd party developers. So why would ANYONE in their right mind want to invest in/join Sansar, when Linden Lab has extremely minimal experience with coding stuff that is actually up to par with actual competing platforms?
With every feature, Linden Lab makes the conscious decision to put the burden on the creators, instead of doing some real work & developing up-to-date technology that doesn't require you to watch 300 tutorials and purchase 30 dollars Blender plugins.
Why should Linden Lab work harder on something when they can deliver a hack job & still placate the masses?
Both Bento & Fit Mesh have doubled the amount of time you work on an item.
Both situations could have been averted if Linden Lab came up with more efficient and elegant solutions.

The current spur of developments on SL is just smoke and mirrors. They are hacks, features that fall apart at one shake of the proverbial table. Linden Lab just can't afford to appear as if they don't care about SL just yet. Animesh..yay we get to use the bloated avatar skeleton for pets. Because allowing custom skeleton uploads is just too much work.

Somewhat related: Hamlet, I would love for you to start covering the Content Creation Meetings. I think more users & creators should start putting real pressure on the Lindens, otherwise nothing will ever get done here, and both SL and Sansar will bite the dust.

Back to Sansar:

Linden Lab clearly have no idea what the fuck they are exactly trying to do. Only advertising the platform to VR crowds while not even bothering to ensure it runs at the 90 FPS required for you to avert barfing up your undigested lunch.
Complex cloth physics? in VR???? With HIGH CONCURRENCY OF AVATARS? With absolutely NO (realistic) creator limits? Let me spell it out for you: D E L U S I O N A L.
Oh, no problem! Let's just raise the requirements. Does anyone at LL actually specialize in VR? I don't think so.


Video Game Enthusiast said, "What makes anyone think that, Linden Lab, a company that hasn't had to compete with anyone or anything in its whole entire existence, is capable of innovation required to create a front runner virtual reality platform?"

The lack of competition is why LL has had a problem finishing anything. There's no incentive to do anything that might shake up their small kingdom.

Wagner J Au

"Blocksworld? The Roblox Rip-off no one knows about?"

It was last updated today and to judge by reported stats, probably has about 600K - 1 million regular users. I.E. About as popular as Second Life.



Video Game Enthusiast summarized the dark history of LL really well. The company...

- blames on their customers for their own mismanagement (the homestead drama)

- removes beloved features (the lastname culture)

- fails to fix the long-standing bugs (region crossing crashes, double teleport issues, inventory issues, etc.)

- mistreats estate owners (bullying attitude isn't unheard, EU VAT drama)

- mistreats content creators (ToS drama, lack of support)

- mistreats their own top developers (Qarl)

- never renovates the public monuments (the wonderful creations of the Moles)

- the list could go on...

It's actually a miracle how Second Life has survived this far. For me Sansar is a big no go, definitely! Sinespace looks promising but young.

Someone in SL

Sansar will fail because the big companies they thought would take a look at it and relocate there are not there, the same thing that happened with SL. Without a lack of real communication and things to do in Sansar, plus the long download times for worlds, the product is dead out of water. It is another too soon product. SL should have spent the money they spent on Sansar, developing a mobile/tablet app for SL, an official one and marketing to the mobile generation, to bring in new customers.

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