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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


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Miyoko Magic

"Enjoy the silence" recorded the 20th November 2009 in Barcelona <3 I would watch that video as I'm totally interested in that but I can't concentrate to the sound of Depeche Mode live. Maybe it's the memories of the 25 concerts I went to? :)

Chic Aeon

OK this was pretty painful to watch and not the music LOL.

I will keep VERY VERY quiet here but this is nothing at all new. It has been going on for four years or more and creators use it daily.

For those that would like a bit more of a solid background on working with mesh, I made a series of videos with voice explanation and lots of text for shortcut keys and the like. They cover everything from getting a simple cube into SL to house and stair physics. These use the Cycles Rendering engine and cover nodes and making baked textures.

They have been very well received by the community.

YouTube playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8u00idO1kA&list=PLnUjXtZrc64laa7-1NUSY8pjXedwQj7kn

SLartist tutorial area here (look for the logo with a BLENDER and start at 1; they publish like a blog):

Thus ends my not too shameless plug.

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