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Friday, October 13, 2017


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80% of D2 cars are ripped from video games, with other 20 coming from 3D model web sites. There's no legit creator who makes D2 cars(except for Eight Blinker himself, who was at least making some before mesh era).

Kira Lee

Hey, poster 'Ugh'- no shit. Where do you think ACS and Pro Street cars come from?
You're villifying a community without having firsthand knowledge of it. The builders in Tokagoya admittedly use models but it's their hands-on modifications that make the shells useful within SL, so that the UV maps work and can be painted, and that they have proper collision shapes, actually doing real work to make better products instead of hot-balling from export to marketplace.
Everyone and their little brother has been ripping game meshes and importing them into SL since mesh was introduced, and you know this.

You're going as far as to villify a whole community based on your own imagined statistics.


Kira Lee - am I being wrong in my statement about ripped nature of D2 cars?
How the "hands-on modifications" legitimize those models?

Also, please consider learning a bit more about vehicles scene in SL before confronting me on this ground. And don't diss Pro Street, they are ones of the few car makers who actually model their stuff.

On Notice

"Everyone and their little brother has been ripping game meshes and importing them into SL since mesh was introduced, and you know this."

Um that's a problem. It's wrong to steal others creations whether or not they are modded. It is theft out and out. You are attempting to normalize theft by saying what you did. If I stole your actual physical car and did the same thing, it would be theft, no? The virtual world is no different.

Sounds like a sim cleanup is in order and I am going to make sure I get over there and report anything that is untoward, people 'modding' stolen content need to go. Thieves in general need to go.


I herd Ugh can't do a drift.


D2 is the name given to a particular type of vehicle script. D2 is not a kind of car or a way to build cars; whatever you put the scripts in becomes a D2 car. Defining D2 cars, as well as the community built around them, by the practice that 90% of SL doesn't give a shit about(uploading stolen meshes), simply illustrates your ignorance on cars, scripts and car culture within SL. In my experience confronting car uploaders with the proposition that they did not make the model, or that they stole it, usually results in being blocked, banned from land, and yelled at, about how they did make it themselves, despite being identical to other models from other sources. If you or anyone has a problem with this happening it is suggested that you contact LL and send them a DMCA including your claim of copyright to the material you deem to be stolen. It would also be advised that you do this to other obvious mesh thieves throughout the grid, not target an obscure community that has more style and class than to threaten entire groups of people with action that will most likely end with merely wasting your own time and effort. good luck to you

Nope, Chucktesta.

This comment section is lolworthy


Sil0ne was here. Show me your tits!

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