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Monday, October 23, 2017


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Ah yes. The predictable fight for the ever decreasing SL money pie.

Lobsters in a boiling pot.


Alicia Chenaux

This isn't all on the consumer. Why would someone who has money to spend go to a main store if all the designer has done in the past year are events? If you've gone to the events, you've already seen all their work. Now there are many designers who are beginning to do main store releases again and less events. But here's the catch.

They make the main store release an event itself.

You can't just put something in the store and expect people to run to purchase it. They need to be drawn in. When you have so many bloggers hyping up events [because that's what we do], you need the same kind of hype for your mainstore releases. How do you do that? You get really interactive with your customers. Chat with them in groups. Show them the work-in-progress pictures. Tease them that things are coming soon. Get your item to your bloggers early so they can show people how good it is. Make people WANT it, whatever IT is. If you want people to be in your store, make them want to be in your store. Otherwise, it's just easier to go to an event where there are a lot of things to buy at once.

Chic Aeon

This of course is just one person's opinion and there were plenty of other opinions in the PREVIOUS NWN posts on gachas.

From this article:

"[M]any creators have been talking and strangely it seems they are ALL are fed up with gacha and SL events too. [Some gacha organizers] now take 5% of each creator's earnings -- doesn't sound much, right? "


Well many creators have likely been talking but all the ones I am talking to are very HAPPY with the gachas. They likely don't play them, but they like creating for them because it is lucrative and because there are often themes which lead to enhanced creativity.

I only know of ONE gacha event that takes 5%. There may be more, but it is NOT the norm. And designers choose whether to join in those or participate in others with no percentage fees.

We can't blame everything on gachas -- although it seems like some people would like to. Events started way before gachas and events (which includes gacha events of course) DO pull people away from the main stores.

There is a but here though. Doesn't the MARKETPLACE also pull people away from store shopping? Long ago, before the Marketplace or Xstreet were in the game, people shopped at the stores. They did this because the HAD to shop at the stores. That was the only way!

Now we have inworld stores, the Marketplace, Events, boxes and even gachas at home via catalog. These are just more ways for people to shop.

If the OP doesn't like gachas or events they CAN shop at the main store. I still have main store visitors. Often they come to the main store because they have seen items that they liked by visiting those horrible events and gacha places - LOL. So I don't see how they are hurting businesses.

Any designer that hates gachas can opt for other type of events or ONLY sell via their main store.

Personally, I don't like store groups. I don't have store groups for that reason. I don't like to market; I prefer the creation part of the exercise. So enhancing my main store sales would be very painful -- for me. WE ALL GET TO CHOOSE -- whether designer or shopper.

Throwing stones at anything outside of our preferred arenas doesn't help anything at all.


There's always that one person to rush in and argue for the status quo.


So, Wagner, is this about Gacha or events in general? While I respect Flo's comments in some areas she was also way off base in many of her points and distorting the purpose of your original discussion...that is whether Gacha is gambling. Her comment that event owners are making $100K a year is perhaps the most glaring in being more than absurd. And, yes, those are dollars in her mind. Clearly. I can assure you this is not the case. Or even remotely close.

My take is that you have given credibility to only one comment of many in your last post on Gacha. All because it stirred. This is angling for a story that is really not as sexy as you want to make it. Events are far more than Gacha. Gacha is worthy of discussion but probably more boring than you wish.

At some point perhaps let people decide and have fun on their own.


Proud of you. Great writing. Amazing sources. "Flo" is A++ in my book. One vague source, journalism at it's finest.


People (creators and customers alike) hate both regular events and gacha events. Case closed.
Only event organizers like events. For obvious reasons.


@You. All people hate events? All creators and customers? I think this is rather strong and misses many of the significant points of what an event offers both. Not to mention the fact that clearly many people enjoy events. For creators it offers exposure and joint marketing efforts that would be cost prohibitive for a single brand. This is especially the case with emerging creators whose brand is not as recognizable to shoppers. Sales can benefit as well from a cluster affect of releasing new items together with others. For that same reason it is exciting to shoppers. An entire setting of new items in one place and the combined energy a cluster of new releases bring.

To say that events are hated, irrelevant, and fading is like putting Amazon, Etsy, or your local art gallery in the same light of being hated by consumers and artists/brands. Clearly all are doing just fine. As well, last time I looked hundreds of shops were clustered around Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Thousands of people shop there every day. Why is that? Find me a sim that can handle 50 brands on one sim, all with full shops and new releases every day and sure...we can talk about events being a thing of the past and irrelevant. For now it is still the best way to release new items to the most possible eyes at once.

I have cited my reasons. I hope that you will cite your "obvious reasons" as well.


You've previously stated you are an event organizer. I'm sorry, it seems I struck a cord. Lol!

D'eandra Simmons

More of people not making money whining about people who are making money. The song never changes.


agree with Alicia

a few years ago the doom of the SL megamall was foretold

somebody then put a Exclusive Event marketing banner on it and the doom never happened

as Alicia also mentions, getting people into your group is the way to go

then chat to them in the group as often as you can. Also have an activity in your shop that people can chat about in the group

something as simple as lucky chairs will do. Random people will call the letters in the group chat. Then others start asking for TP when their letter is announced

some people calling the letters will start making pHrases oUt oF thEm. Then others chime in and say can we get G instead of F please. And so on. Is quite fun when this kinda thing starts happening in shop groups

Angie Mornington

I think there should be an option on the Marketplace to view Gacha items separately. That way the buyer can choose whether or not they wish to view items that are directly from the creator, or for past Gacha items that they are looking for to complete their collections.

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