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Friday, October 13, 2017


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Oh god, this woman is me. At least, partly. I like organising my inventory, I can chat to people, but based on past experience in SL, I don't bother making friends. Don't have time to commit to that. My avatars have often put their pjs or whatever on, and gone to bed, before I log off, lol. One used to go to a beach, or go sailing, before going to bed, just because the sound of the sea was a great way to get into sleep mode. The same one used to walk her dog every day, one of those VKC pets. Another who lived in Weimar Berlin, in the guest house, always used the lavatory, every day she logged in, to make the experience of living in a 1929 guesthouse with the pull chain loo (shared between all the residents) more realistic. One would have her stove on with the sausages in the pan, because the VKC dog was obsessed with 'greeting' the sausages. The same avatar used to take baths a lot, because I have a shower rather than a bath, and the sound of the bubbling water always seemed quite soothing.

Going back to inventory management, I used to do it a lot at music gigs. Tidy my inventory while listening to music.


I wish I enjoyed sorting inventory. As it is, I have lots of folders labeled Stuff, Junk and More Stuff.

Lelani Carver

For some reason, I have a texture hoarding habit. Recently I spent some relaxing hours organizing it, putting the stuff I wanted into an organizer display HUD, and deleting the stuff I didn’t need to keep.

And then I went into deep storage and took all my doodads from hunts from 8 years ago, looked at them, decided they were outdated, and deleted them.

It was so freeing.


Anyone remember the early years of SL when you could "camp" to earn lindens? I used to find a camping bench somewhere and go through my inventory then. When camping was scrapped by SL, that's pretty much when I scrapped inventory organizing. LOL!

Arwyn Quandry

If you want a really deep look at inventory management culture, check out the CTS Wardrobe and the group "Wardrobe Support Group" in SL. It's this really clever gadget that some people (myself included) use to create a visual catalog of their inventory. You upload pictures or textures to a website and tag everything. An RLV connection allows you to wear items directly from the web. Some users have these really in-depth tagging systems. You can view the public version of my wardrobe by clicking the URL I commented with.

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