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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


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Only the most rabid of Snap fans HAD to own a camera that sat on your nose to send the pictures to your phone. It was a gimmick to promote Snap, pure and simple. The rest of us with little to no discretionary funds were content to use the phone's camera to puke rainbows.

Facebook is still the company to watch for as far as broad public AR immersion goes. And it will be through the phone itself. People that thought Snap's spectacles were going to bust AR wide open deserve to eat humble pie. Especially Snap for overproducing an item that the rest of us clearly recognized it for what it was.

Reuben Steiger

Capture only, no value added as view-aiding device. Hence not augmenting reality at all.

Wagner J Au

It does indeed have AR-type features:


"Snapchat is using a circular video format with Spectacles, and when the videos are saved or shared to other platforms it shows up as just that: a circle of video. But when played in Snapchat itself, the format lets users twist and move their phone around to explore the full range of captured video, almost like a micro augmented reality rig. A viewer can watch a video snap of a person in portrait orientation, for example, and then turn their phone landscape to reveal two other friends to either side that they wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. It’s another way in which Spectacles offer a sense of real-world immediacy, almost like you’re watching something out of Strange Days. Add in the fact that you can also incorporate traditional Snapchat elements like text and drawing — each of which becomes fixed in the virtual space — and it’s easy to see the new layers of creativity Snapchat users could start utilizing when they finally get their hands on Spectacles."

Imagin Illyar

This is just a camera built into sunglasses. That is not augmented reality.

TonyVT Skarredghost

I agree with the other answers: Hololens can augment the world around you, enabling a lot of applications. These glasses are only fancy wearable cameras.

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