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Thursday, October 05, 2017


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Now imagine that husband the wife walks in on is fully immersed in pornographic VR.

Aliasi Stonebender

I don't know. It's a valid point, but it also feels a little like "the problem with computers is they're all outrageously expensive and fill a room, there's a market for maybe six of them in the world". Like, it's probably something that can be handled in fairly simple ways once they're thought of - stuff like adapting the features of noise-cancelling headphones that can be shut off to allow outside noises through, or (given how much of it is likely to be AR, not VR) a headset camera that allows you to turn them into goggles. Tap a button and you can see things.


This is something I have been consistently saying about VR. One of the wonderful things about environments like Second Like is that you can sit on your couch meandering through the woods without cutting yourself off from your family members. It's an enhancement to real life, not a replacement.

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