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Monday, November 27, 2017


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The big shots won´t make the mistake IBM made back in the old days, by investing into a chaotic tech garage like Linden Lab was (and still is). They´ll go for it by themselves.

This will not make it easier for Linden Lab to promote their little incomplete sandbox model, most likely the Lab will fail miserably. Sansar is not really a thing to get a hype started with as SL was in 2004. It´s just another eye candy hi-tech thingy no one really needs and no one really cares about.

Instead of betting on something useless like Sansar LL should have invested into renewing what they have - in regards to accessibility, usability, customer support. Should have grabbed their still existing customer base for taking them along into their next thing - Migration paths included.

Maxwell Graf

The more worlds the merrier, I say! (now if I can learn from my own past and not spend a year exploring/learning Sumerian while it is in beta still...)



Seems it only available for business use and not personal. Hmmmm......

Masami Kuramoto

Other differentiators:

Sansar is centralized, closed-source, Windows-only.

Sumerian is centralized, closed-source, multi-platform, browser-based.

High Fidelity is decentralized, open-source, multi-platform, available through Steam.

With Sansar and Sumerian, the interface for publishers is separate from the interface for audiences. High Fidelity has only one interface, supports in-world building.

Ryan Schultz

Interesting times, indeed! And Amazon has very deep pockets, lots of money to throw at development. It's going to be a very competitive market for VR-capable virtual worlds. Sumerian is definitely being targeted at corporations, though, not people who are interested in avatar customization. In fact, reading through the PR stuff, there's no mention of user avatars at all, just AI-based "hosts" that look like refugees from The Sims!


agree with Maxwell Graf. The more the merrier and the better of we the consumers will be

a general side note

sometimes we can under-estimate how good LL as a body are at this. The institutional knowledge embodied in LL is vast and earned through hard and long experience. An experience gained thru working with a highly-skilled, highly-educated in the way of these things, dedicated long time core user base

at times some of the LL alumni have gone off to implement their own take on how do this, and yet their efforts to date have largely come to nothing in terms of user uptake. As have other efforts by entrants with deep money pockets

if I was to bet on who is going to end up in the top 3 successful future providers, then my money would be on LL being there

Tom naza

I like HighFidelity ... looks like my spectrum games in the 80's ... good old times.

Walmartone login

This service by Amazon is awesome to create VR graphics. I have tried it and its awesome.

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