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Thursday, November 02, 2017


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Rick Hobson

It seems strange that, in a virtual world where people can be everything from anthopomorphic foxes to cardboard robots to dragons, there is this concern about the proportions of human avatars. I might suggest that it says more about the person worrying about it.


People can do what they want of course Rick, but there are a ton of human avatars running around with silly proportions. A little knowledge never hurt anyone, and can be easily ignored for those not interested. I'm an artist, I think about anatomy and proportions all the time in the same way an interior decorator would think about furniture and room colors or a fashion designer clothing. If you're a human and you want t-rex arms, go for it. If you want some more believable body proportions, here's a helpful guide! I don't think this harms anyone or reflects poorly on the original poster.


Penny Patton did a nice and fairly comprehensive write up on SL avatar proportions in 2011 that is still relevant. http://pennycow.blogspot.com/2011/08/matter-of-proportion.html

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