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Thursday, November 30, 2017


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If you have a cell phone, or at least wireless, its looks fairly good.


do you have a unlimited data broadband plan for your smartphone ? I do. How about your tablet ? Your laptop ? Your desktop ? I do. All for $NZ95 a month ($US65 about), and the provider chucks in a landline as well.

even better, at family gatherings our house gets overrun by children and teenagers and their parents all bearing smart phones and tablets, which connect to our wireless broadcast router, for all the data they care to eat. Same when I go to their houses. Its great.

Same also when we go out now to restaurants, shops, cafes, bars, shopping plazas, etc. More and more of them let us connect our smart devices to their broadband wireless broadcaster, for no charge. The owners of these businesses provide it as a service to their customers as their broadband plans are uncapped and unthrottled for a fixed monthly price also.

I remember the olden days when it wasn't like this. It sucked

Ciaran Laval

I don't have unlimited data for my mobile here in the UK, but I do get facebook or WhatsApp messaging as part of my plan which doesn't count against the data cap or I can use wireless for any mobile phone internet usage which doesn't count against my data cap.

Here in the UK free wireless is widely advertised in cafes, restaurants and bars.

I can connect any device to my home wireless at no extra cost, I use an iPad, iMac, mobile phone and even a NOW TV box to stream to my television via wireless. The NOW TV box was a bone of contention but I caved in there because I can't get the channel that shows Game of Thrones on Cable television.

Joe Max

I feel I must point out that the map says, "Data as of: 06/30/14". So this map is over 3 years old, and that's a long time as these things go.

But losing net neutrality will indeed suck.


had the broadband infrastructure improved considerably over the last 3 years then the issue of how to provide it would not be in question

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