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Monday, November 20, 2017


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Wow, I don't know Cajsa but she is one articulate and very smart woman. Glad she identified this and she writes with an eloquence that is often missing these days. Spot on from my perspective.

Iggy 1.0

I read the piece--in print!--as I prefer to do when I want to mull something over. It was neither shallow nor judgmental, though she pitched it clearly to readers who did not know SL. I found her writing sympathetic to the needs of the SLers she interviewed.

The piece left me thinking she was covering how folks are empowered by their experiences in SL, and how that form of contact is magical for them, even as the world itself is too perfect.

If there's a barb in the article, it's for SL's culture of celebrity-level trappings: the yachts, the hardbody avatars, the dream homes, the supercars, the lavish weddings. That was never the magic of the world for me. I preferred the Hobo camp at Calleta or anywhere that clever builders like Arcadia Asylum gathered just to give stuff away.

The most fun I had in SL was having my conman/criminal RP avatar tossed in jail by a capricious queen and her daughter, then made to compose anthems for the kingdom until I wrote one that sufficiently flattered the royal court. It took weeks to con my way out of the clink. You don't get that in a video game!

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