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Friday, November 03, 2017


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Willow Dion

Yes that is sure a description of shopping SL just add more screaming or goto the SL marketplace and scream some more.:(


Great read. Very insightful principles that if SL had incorporated over the past few years the new user would be leaps and bounds ahead of understanding the process and the fun involved with shopping and styling an avatar.


The biggest problem with shopping is SL is how fractured it's become with all the different mesh bodies which need different sizes to fit. I use the Maitreya body not because I like it more than some of the others but because it's easier to shop for.

madeline blackbart

I have the same issue, Amanda. TBH the Maitreya body is my least favorite body. I end up owning 3 different brand bodies and having to just wear the body that looks best and fits the outfit I'm wearing that day which is a pain. I sincerely wish LL would just update the default avatar itself to something that looks nice and as high or higher customizability as the current default. I mean that avatar is so outdated.

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