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Tuesday, November 07, 2017


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Clara Seller

I'm not "in the know", but it seems to me that the most sensible use of SL profits would be for SL at this point in time. There shouldn't be any more fiddling while Rome burns. The dream of empire is gone and the emperor should go with it.

LL has investors that needs coddling. They're called paying customers and they've been used and abused to a pathological level long enough. It's time to look inward with big ideas, bells, whistles, and ticker tape parades for the people who've made this all possible.

Your World and Your Imagination. Live it. Breath it. Own it. It was never Our Empire and Your Money. Enough with the egos of those at the top who need to be big stars in a dark sky. The rest of us have lived in darkness long enough. It's time to let the sun shine on the people who freakin' pay for everything.

We need sophisticated and simple building tools. We need uncomplicated avatars that make sense. If you want to grow, you've got to let go of the protected class. It's suffocating everything.

Zee Zee Laser-Rain

Wow, this really is news to me. I've gone on Linden Lab's website, seen Blocksworld mentioned and figured it was just another Minecraft rip off. It's cool to know people are out there enjoying it.


"an NWN reader was claiming that Second Life is Linden Lab's only profitable product. (A common belief.)"

Other maybe "common belief's" we hear from time to time is that Second Life has "no real competition". Completely ignoring the fact that the entire interactive entertainment industry competes for our time and enjoyment.

Given SL is also about content and being a live service, it actually has more competition than some sectors. With a five-digit concurrency.

There's always a bigger picture.

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