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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


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not sure that buying a 3rd-party viewer in itself would add a lot. Its the nature of 3rd-party developers to be independent and do their own thing when possible. Some of the indie developers can for sure be hired full-time by LL but beyond that then nothing additive really in trying to buy a 3rd-party dev team as a whole

what is being signalled by LL I think (I guess) is that should 3rd party viewers become a problem for AWS then there is a question (dictated by security) of which 3rd-party viewers may be authorised to connect to SL on-going

a way around this could be that LL fund a foundation thru which indies could contribute and receive some payment for their contributions to an advanced alternative viewer programme, administered by the foundation

a programme targeted toward technologies not currently supported by LL. Linux for example both desktop and mobile. RLV extensions, etc, etc. With a Foundation-administered Windows/Mac extended desktop viewer on offer also. In addition to the LL-provided vanilla desktop viewer

i think at some future point (should Sansar be successful) a Foundation makes sense. A future home for the SL backend one day, should one day SL not make hard nose business sense any longer, at least for LL. A future that LL could continue to sponsor in some part

if LL started now with a viewer foundation then I think it would provide some long-term comfort to all the stakeholders


If I have any concerns about SL being deployed to the cloud, they stem from the way many companies presently use it. For example, it is now common practise for users to never own software, but instead buy a license for anything from a month to a year. The software is then accessed from the cloud.

If LL were to adopt a similar business model it could potentially mean residents could only access what they pay for, which might be a lot more limiting. I have to add I haven't heard anything to suggest this is what LL have in mind, although it is the route so many businesses have already gone down, and it would be a way to encourage more users to become premium members.

Estelle Pienaar

I don't agree with the idea to have flexible cost by number of visitors. It is the most popular sims that bring new users and user motivate users to come back. Owners of popular regions might be motivated to restrict it to friends in order to save money. And then there would not rest a lot for the masses to do...!


This will be a large change in the culture of SL. Region owners generally encourage visitors to their region. This change will be an incentive to restrict visitors. It's not necessarily bad but it is different and needs to be considered.

Masami Kuramoto

"we'll be running a 13 year old product on a brand new cloud"

Except that Amazon's AWS is not by any stretch a "brand new cloud", it has been around for 11 years, and Kitely's OpenSim grid with on-demand regions has been deployed in it at least since 2011:

"Kitely brings Facebook, instant regions to OpenSim"

Call Me Crazy

This is where the gates are going up to barrier point of entry. I expect new and improved 'fees and costs' to be associated with this move. Something tells me LL is bleeding money and they are positioning themselves to squeeze every last nickel they can out of the fools who still put their hard earned dollars into SL. I am not putting another cent . Not one red cent.


@CAll Me Crazy

"You forgot to add "Get Off My Lawn"

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