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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


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More Trump hate. I LOVE IT! It's been a year now and you leftists are still gagging on his win. I-LOVE-IT. He is living rent free in your heads. All of you! He's already the best president ever just for that. I wonder what your reaction will be when he wins his 2nd term. I can only wait to see.

Dartagan Shepherd

This must be cracking the Russians in SL up.

I know the Russian developers I work with are pretty amused.

metacam oh

Another day more treason news from the Trump Russia collusion. Also more arrogant douche comments from Trump supporters or Russian bots cant tell the difference these days, no matter how bad it gets you get the above delusion.



Trump has delivered and done more in his first year in office than 43/44 did in 8 during his empty seat performance. Check the facts madam/sir/kitchen sink/doily/whatever you identify as. All this Russian collusion nonsense is going to bite you all in the rear, please keep it up.

And please save your sad violin music for when Madam Side of Beef and her cronies all start going down because they are the dirty handed parties . As a reminder, Donald Trump is my President. He is YOUR President!

Clara Seller

I live with someone who is very much like metacam oh. It's very difficult to introduce alternative thought, facts, or reasoning into a conversation with someone who fires bullets of "traitor" or "bot" to anyone who simply disagrees with their viewpoint. I don't have the energy to try any more. I stopped caring.

It just makes me wonder if "feeling" like you're winning an argument by being so repulsive to dissent is actually satisfying? Is being comforted in fantasy preferable to the disturbing conflicts of reality?

Avatars Against Propaganda Media and Abusive Brainwashing


Hey Wagner - when ya gonna do an article on the Avatars FOR Trump? Seems you are still butt hurt and being a little one-sided.

sirhc deSantis

Thankfully, not my prez but if it keeps the attention of the tory Mensch away then go for it. Already managed to get the farage palmed off, maybe we can send you a few more of the ghastlies. You're welcome to them :)


Trump is a poo monster.


LOL Brooke someone should make a Poo Trump monster in SL

metacam oh

I keep hearing about all this stuff Trump has done, yet no one can name one thing he's done, aside from embarass our country, piss off our allies and suck up to Putin. Unless you think banks should not be allowed to be sued, or that rolling back regulations pre-2008 is good, then you have nothing to stand on. Aside from the treason he is the worst President in history.

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